How Massage Can Ease Sciatic Pain

There are millions of individuals suffering from sciatica worldwide. As the biggest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated, it causes this condition. The hips, lower back, legs, and feet can feel pain, numbness, and tingling due to this medical condition.

Although there are many sciatica treatments accessible, massage therapy is one of the best ways to treat the signs and symptoms of the condition. Justin Shelley, a trained, licensed, and certified massage therapist in Philadelphia, offers world-class sciatic nerve massage that will significantly benefit your sciatica. In this blog, we’ll discuss how massage can reduce sciatic pain.

How It Works

The goal of massage therapy is to encourage relaxation and relieve tension by manipulating the body’s muscles and soft tissues. For thousands of years, this method has been used to address a range of ailments, including sciatica. By focusing on the muscles and tissues that surround the sciatic nerve massage can help to reduce the pain caused by sciatica. The following is how it works:

1. Targets Tension in Surrounding Muscles:

Sciatica pain is commonly caused by tight muscles around the sciatic nerve. Massage therapy helps reduce this tension by providing pressure to the affected area. By releasing the knots and tightness in these muscles, massage can help to lessen pressure on the sciatic nerve and thus decrease discomfort.

2. Encouraging Endorphin Release:

Natural painkillers called endorphins are created by the body. Sciatica pain can be reduced by massage therapy, which can encourage the release of these feel-good chemicals.

3. Relaxing the Mind and Body:

Stress can make sciatica symptoms worse because anxiety and tension make muscles tighter and exacerbate pain. Relaxation and stress reduction are two benefits of massage treatment that can help with sciatica symptoms.

4. Enhancing Blood Flow:

Massage therapy can also help to reduce pain and promote healing by increasing blood flow to the affected region. The pain and suffering related to sciatica can be reduced by increased circulation by helping to flush out any toxins or waste products that can be contributing to it.

5. Correcting Posture:

When the sciatic nerve is under more pressure due to poor posture, symptoms of sciatica can increase. Massage treatment can improve posture by releasing the muscles that lead to poor alignment. By assisting with proper posture, massage therapy reduces pressure on the sciatic nerve and the associated pain.


Massage therapy is an efficient way to treat sciatica. Finding a massage therapist who is knowledgeable, skilled, and prepared to handle sciatica sufferers is essential. A therapist with knowledge of the condition, Justin Shelley can create a therapy strategy specific to your needs and help you get the relief you need. Consider including massage therapy in the treatment plan for your sciatica and make an appointment with Justin Shelley to improve your overall quality of life.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage and How Can You Benefit from It?

Getting a massage is not just about leisure. It can be very helpful in improving your health as well. You must have heard several types of massage names and wondered the difference between them.

Well, every massage has a specific purpose, and today you will learn about Deep Tissue Massage. It is very beneficial and can improve your physical and mental health to a great extent.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage. It makes use of slow, deep strokes and pressure to release tension and pain in the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and fascia. This massage is particularly helpful for you if you suffer from chronic pain and tension. It can also be useful if you are recovering from injuries or surgery.

Want to know how you can benefit from deep tissue massage? Let’s see how it is great for your physical and mental well-being:

Provides relief in chronic pain

Deep tissue massage is used frequently to help solve problems of chronic pain and tension in areas like the neck, shoulders, and lower back. This is done by targeting particular areas where tension is concentrated. The therapist uses slow, deep strokes to help to release knots and adhesions in the muscles, which promotes relaxation and pain relief.

Enhances flexibility

When tissues are scared, and adhesions are formed in the muscles and tendons over time, they can limit your movement and contribute to chronic pain and tension. These adhesions need to be broken to promote circulation and flexibility, and this is what deep tissue massage does for you. You will find improvement in movement and range of motion in the affected area once you get a deep tissue massage.

Helps in recovering from injuries

Deep tissue massage can be very useful for you if you are recovering from any injuries or surgery. It is helpful because it increases the circulation and healing of the affected area which speeds up the recovery process for you.

Decreases stress and anxiety

Massage therapies have already been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. Deep tissue massage is one of the famous massages that help promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Improves your posture

As you might have heard already, poor posture is a leading cause of chronic pain and tension in the muscles and joints. Deep tissue massage targets these specific muscles that are tensed which promote flexibility and movement. Doing so helps in improving your posture and reducing the risk of future pain and injury.

In the end, we can say that a deep tissue massage is a great option to not just relax and de-stress, but to also improve your flexibility, heal injuries, and better posture. If you are experiencing any sort of chronic pain or tension, deep tissue massage can be considered a therapy for you.

It is time to give your body a healing touch by getting a deep tissue massage.

Are you wondering who can provide you with the best massage? You don’t have to look any further. Make an appointment with Justin Shelley, a licensed massage therapist in Philadelphia, and get your deep tissue massage.


5 Compelling Reasons to Book a Couple’s Massage in Philadelphia

If you are planning a relaxing getaway with your spouse or friend in Philadelphia, consider booking couples massage to enjoy peace of mind and relaxation. A massage therapy session can help you and your massage partner unwind and make the most of your break or vacation. These days, a lot of couples and friends book a couples massage for a special experience. Couples’ massages in Philadelphia are highly recommended as they provide an opportunity to spend quality time together while getting relief from physical tension and mental stress.

Here are five reasons why you should choose to get a couples massage:

  1. You Are Celebrating a Special Occasion.

Consider celebrating a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, with a couples massage in Philadelphia. This unique experience provides you and your partner or friend an opportunity to relax and bond, leaving you refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your planned activities.

  1. You Want to Give a Pleasant and Fun Surprise to Your Partner or Friend.

A couples massage can be a wonderful surprise gift for a special occasion or simply to show your partner how much you care. Planning this spa experience is always worthwhile, as it allows you to enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of massage therapy together. So, surprise your loved one and treat yourselves to a relaxing day with a couple’s massage.

  1. You and Your Partner Want to Try Something New and Enjoyable.

Discovering new experiences with your partner can be exciting, whether you’re exploring local attractions or planning a trip to Philadelphia. Trying a couples massage for the first time can be a great way to share a relaxing and rejuvenating experience together. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, you might want to consider booking a couple’s massage with a licensed massage therapist in Philadelphia.

  1. You and Your Spouse Want to Find an Escape from Daily Life.

You don’t necessarily need a specific reason to book a couples massage. It can be a great way to spend quality time together and escape external distractions. A massage experience like this promotes relaxation and positivity, which can help you both achieve a stress-free and contented state of mind.

  1. You and Your Friend or Partner Want to take a Break from Vacation Fatigue.

If you are traveling with your friend or spouse in Philadelphia, it’s easy for your itinerary to become overwhelming with all the exciting activities planned. Taking the time to relax is essential. You can enjoy a couples massage either at your hotel or by scheduling an appointment with a licensed massage therapist at a massage center, which allows you to take a break from your vacation and spend some peaceful time together.

Most people think that couples’ massage is only for romantic partners. However, this is not true. Couples’ massage is for all those who want to relax and de-stress with someone they care about. A massage partner could be your family, friend, or even colleague. So, if you wish to relax for a while and enjoy some time with someone you love or care about, book an appointment for couples massage in Philadelphia.

How Does Trigger Point Massage Therapy Help in Treating Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that causes widespread pain, tenderness, and fatigue throughout the body. Today, a large number of people are suffering from fibromyalgia.

The exact reason for the cause of fibromyalgia is not yet fully understood, but experts say that it’s related to the way the brain and nervous system process pain signals. The symptoms are widespread pain, tenderness, fatigue, sleep disturbance, cognitive difficulties, headaches, and irritable bowel syndrome.

As there is no cure for fibromyalgia, a combination of treatments such as medication, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes is prescribed to manage symptoms and improve quality of life. For physical therapy, doctors commonly prescribe trigger point massage therapy. It works best in managing fibromyalgia symptoms.

In this post, we will discuss how trigger point massage therapy works for fibromyalgia. But, before that, let’s understand what trigger point massage therapy is.

About trigger point massage therapy 

Trigger points are areas of muscles that cause pain and discomfort in other parts of the body. These are often tender to the touch and feel like knots or hard spots in the muscles. These points are caused by a variety of factors, such as poor posture, repetitive motion, overuse, and injury.

Trigger point massage therapy releases tension in these trigger points and promotes healing throughout the body. The massage therapist locates the trigger points in the body and applies pressure to them using various techniques.

Effect of trigger point massage therapy on fibromyalgia

Releases tension in trigger points

By applying pressure on the trigger points during trigger point massage therapy, the therapist releases the tension. This relieves pain and promote relaxation.

Promotes relaxation– Anxiety and stress caused due to fibromyalgia exacerbate pain symptoms. By reducing muscle tension and stimulating the release of endorphins, trigger point massage therapy promotes relaxation. This reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of well-being.

Improves circulation- By promoting blood flow to the affected muscles, trigger point massage therapy improves circulation. The increased circulation of the blood reduces inflammation and promotes healing in the affected areas.

Increases range of motion– The stiffness and limited range of motion caused by fibromyalgia in affected areas lead to serious problems. The trigger point massage therapist improves the range of motion by releasing tension in the affected muscles and promoting relaxation.

Trigger point massage therapy for fibromyalgia 

Trigger point massage therapy is a supportive treatment for fibromyalgia, but it is very beneficial. It enhances the overall result of the fibromyalgia treatment. Most importantly, massage therapy comes with no side effects if all the precautions are followed before and after the session. If you are ready, you will have a massage therapy session and get relief from the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

To get trigger point massage therapy in Philadelphia, come to Justin Shelly. He is a licensed massage therapist. With his various massage techniques, he will help you recover from fibromyalgia soon.

What Common Conditions and Injuries Can Be Resolved by Sports Massage?

People who are regularly physically active go for sports medicine massage therapy. This includes anyone from frequent gym goers and casual runners to more experienced athletes. But, this doesn’t mean that sports massage therapy is solely reserved for these groups.

Sports massage therapy resolves several common conditions and injuries, which people endure or suffer at least once or twice in their lifetime due to simple, unintentional mistakes or undiagnosed dysfunction. A few reasons for these common conditions and injuries are wrong footwear, general overtraining, overuse of a particular muscle group, or spending a little too long on the floor with poor posture.

Common conditions and injuries resolved by Sports Medicine Massage 

Runner’s knee– It’s a colloquial, blanket term, referring to repetitive strain injuries of the knee. This commonly affects runners or people who walk and hike a lot. Pain arises due to repetitive bending and stretching of the knee. And this pain emanates from the back or hips and is transmitted to the knee. Sports massage treats repetitive physical injuries as well as stops the injuries from developing in the first place.

Causes of a runner’s knee are foot imbalance, uneven surfaces, incorrect footwear, and muscle imbalance.

For treating a runner’s knees, the sports massage seems a bit hurtful because it involves stretching and the manipulation of ligaments, muscles, and fascia. However, an experienced massage therapist employs a range of techniques to reduce pain and be more effective.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)- Caused by the compression of the median nerve, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome causes numbness and tingling, like pins and needles. The median nerve travels through the wrist at the carpal tunnel. This feeling is felt through the thumb, fingers, and side of the fingers.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are being overweight, past injuries or traumas to the wrist, during pregnancy, repetitive action or overuse, chronic illness, disease or condition, or can be passed genetically from parents or siblings.

Sports massage focuses on reducing inflammation, pain, and numbness. People suffering from CTS experience relief just after one sports massage session. But, still, 4-6 sessions are advised for long-term relief.

Plantar Fasciitis– The pain in the bottom of the foot is referred to as Plantar Fasciitis. Often, the pain is experienced towards the heel and foot arch. The worst part is that the pain becomes more severe or noticeable when people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis start walking or exercising after sleep or rest. Some common techniques to get immediate relief are elevating the foot, icing the area, and taking pain relief.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis are exercising on hard surfaces, exercising without warming up, over-stretching the sole of the foot during physical activity, running or walking more than usual, poor cushioning or support in shoes, and being severely overweight.

To treat Plantar Fasciitis, the sports massage therapist applies deep tissue massage techniques. The slow strokes during the therapy release the tension in the areas, such as the heel, fascia, and calf muscles, and break up scar tissues.

Sports massage loosens the muscle tissue and kickstarts the circulation of blood and oxygen to the affected areas, breaking down any adhesions caused by strain and overexertion.

These are the common conditions and injuries that sports medicine massage resolves. You just need to find the best massage therapist nearby for the therapy.


Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Massage Therapy

Just like other services, massage therapy service has some misconceptions prevailing in the industry. And unfortunately, many people believe them and don’t take advantage of massage therapy.

Massage therapies are good for you. Not only do they relax you but treat many of your health problems. Sometimes, massage therapy improves the result of the treatment you are currently undergoing. You feel better as the pain and difficulties associated with the treatment reduce.

Massage is beneficial, so don’t believe the misconceptions. In this post, we will discuss common misconceptions that people have regarding massage therapy.

Misconception 1:

All massage types are the same 

This can never be true. If this is true, then no massage therapist has to spend years learning techniques. They can learn a method and apply it to all their clients. Some of the massage types are Swedish, sports, deep tissue and refresh therapeutic massage.

Just like their names, their techniques and effects are different. For example, a therapist applies a firmer amount of pressure using slower movements in a deep tissue massage but a light to medium amount of pressure in a Swedish massage.

Misconception 2:

Massage therapy is only for pampering

Massage therapy is for pampering but not only for pampering. Other than self-care, massage therapy treats multiple health conditions. For many people, massage is a part of their daily routine as consistency does wonders for health and wellness.

Massage reduces stress by releasing “feel-good” hormones, and helps people with severe headaches and migraines by targeting specific trigger points in the head and neck and others.

Misconceptions 3:

Body should pain the next day 

The effect of massage varies from a person to person. You might not feel the same as your friend after the massage. Some people feel soreness the day after a massage, especially if it is a deep-tissue massage. And some people don’t feel anything.

It’s said that any pain afterward is a good sign. It means the massage is working and it’s beneficial. But, the fact is that pain after the massage signifies nothing. Even if there is no soreness or pain, the massage is effective.

Misconception 4:

Relief from massage is short term 

Massage therapy provides instant as well as long-term relief. You might feel the impact of a massage for days. Sometimes, it’s for the entire life if you take the recommended number of sessions. Everything depends on your objective to take massage therapy.

The repeated sessions of massage therapy train the muscles in the body, keeping them flexible, strong, and pain-free over time. Massage tells the muscles to feel more relaxed and stretched out, keeping them in a relaxed state for longer periods.

Massage is related to your health. So, you shouldn’t take any step without equipping yourself with accurate information. If you have any doubts, ask professionals and not any random person. Also, you shouldn’t have incomplete information. This is more dangerous than knowing nothing.


Deep Tissue vs. Lomi Lomi Massage: Which Massage Is Better for Me?

When it comes to massage, it usually depends on what you expect from the massage. People get massages for a variety of reasons, such as they have pain, they want to de-stress, they feel knots in their back, they wish to feel relaxed and calm, they have an injury, etc. To-be mothers and who have delivered their babies also get massages to sleep better, feel a sense of wellness, relax muscles, increase circulation, and enjoy many more benefits. In many cases, people can choose the type of massage they wish; there is no restriction. In other words, it is your choice.

While both deep tissue massage and lomi lomi massage are good, they are different from each in various ways. However, if you need to choose one of them, you might want to know how they are different and what benefits they offer to the massage recipient. Let’s find out.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage involves the use of deep sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target your inner muscles and connective tissues. This massage is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as back pain, shoulder pain, strains, and even sports injuries. This massage promotes quicker healing by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

Benefits of Deep Massage Tissue

  • Offers relaxation
  • Treats muscle pain
  • Improves stiffness
  • Helps unwind mentally
  • Reduces chronic low back pain
  • Promotes recovery from sports injuries
  • Treats sciatica, tennis elbow, and plantar fasciitis
  • Helps with fibromyalgia
  • Regulate blood pressure

What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi massage involves the combination of breathing and free-form instinctive techniques to open energy pathways, release tension, and remove blockages. During lomi lomi massage, your entire body is massaged with long, rhythmic, and sweeping strokes similar to the motion of waves. Different parts of the body are massaged at the same time. It is also called Hawaiian Full Body Lomi Lomi Massage.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

  • Improve circulation
  • Improve immune response
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility
  • Release the blocked energy
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Improve posture
  • Faster healing
  • Regulate blood pressure

Lomi Lomi Massage or Deep Tissue Massage: Which one should I get?

If you are suffering from chronic pain, sports injury, or other musculoskeletal pain, then deep tissue massage is the best option for you. If you are looking for a way to feel relaxed and calm, lomi lomi massage is a good option for you. However, in the latter case, you can also choose deep tissue massage because it also helps you unwind and feel relaxed.

If you are still feeling confused about which massage is best for you, get in touch with Justin Shelley – a Licensed Massage Therapist in Philadelphia. He specializes in a wide range of massages, including lomi lomi and deep tissue massage and offers massages to people of all ages and genders with a variety of issues. For massage consultation, call now.


Why Choose Mobile Massage in Philadelphia?

We’re all attempting to be the best versions of ourselves. You may not believe it, but massage can help you get on the right road. It is one practical thing you may incorporate into your wellness regimen on a weekly, monthly, or semiannual basis. With an option like mobile massage, getting a massage is now easier than ever.

A skilled massage therapist will work on your muscles to relieve pain and stress, increase mobility and flexibility, and improve functionality. Massage therapy, like sports physical therapy, is one of the most effective natural therapies for lower back pain. Other recognized post-massage therapy effects include mental clarity, high concentration, increased motivation, and a positive outlook. Because of the numerous therapeutic benefits, this sort of therapy is in high demand among professionals in academia, business, and media. Everyone can benefit from a healthy body and a strong mind.

Benefits of Mobile Massage in Philadelphia

  1. Convenience

There are numerous reasons why going to a massage clinic may not be convenient for you. Perhaps you don’t drive, can’t locate a suitable nearby massage studio, or simply don’t have the time to travel.

This difficulty is resolved by mobile massage in Philadelphia. The therapist will come to you at a pre-arranged time, eliminating the need for you to travel. This may make it easier for you to fit it into your schedule.

  1. Improved relaxation

Your particular preferences will determine this, but some people discover that when they attend a massage studio, the soothing effects of relaxation don’t stay as long as they’d like. This could be because they need to return home.

With mobile massage, you have the option of just changing into your pajamas and relaxing. Some people find interacting with other people (a receptionist, people in the waiting room, etc.) difficult and may feel calmer while alone with the therapist.

  1. More Accessible

Mobile massage is more accessible as well as handier for some people. Those with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and the elderly may find it difficult to travel and hence prefer an at-home massage.

Because you’ll be in your environment, you can make sure you have everything you need to feel at ease.

  1. Increased privacy

Some people may like the extra degree of privacy than an at-home massage provides. The atmosphere will be calm, and there will only be you and the massage therapist in your space, which may make you feel more at ease.

  1. Personalize the experience

Your massage therapist will bring any necessary equipment, such as aromatherapy oils and music, but because you are having the treatment at home, you have the opportunity to personalize the experience even more. Perhaps you have a favorite playlist to listen to or a favorite perfume that always comforts you.

Contact Justin Shelley for a mobile massage in Philadelphia and combat your stress and anxiety either at a time and place of your convenience. Everyone deserves to get soothing and relaxing mobile massage therapy.


Should I Choose a Traveling Massage Therapist?

Undoubtedly, massage therapy relaxes the body, no matter how tired you are. Also, it helps in several medical treatments, such as back pain and joint pain. Most importantly, massage therapy is recommended for all, irrespective of age and gender. Sometimes, doctors especially prescribe massage sessions to their patients.

Massage is an old concept. The difference is that it was not popular as it’s today. Also, massage therapy was only offered by a few therapists, that too, in their massage centers. But, today, every other person loves going for a massage. And the best part is that people don’t have to visit the center every time for the same because there are traveling massage therapists.

Who is a traveling massage therapist?

A traveling massage therapist is someone who travels to his customer rather than having the clients come to his place for business. But, this doesn’t mean there is no massage center for the therapist. Sometimes, a therapist works in both modes.

A traveling massage therapist has all of the essential equipment in the mobile form including a massage therapy table that can be moved and folded up easily. Other than this, the therapist carries a kit that has all the products needed during the session such as towels, sheets, massage oils and creams, and others. Sometimes, the therapist brings a massage chair if the client demands it for personal reasons or physical comfort.

The chair carried by a traveling massage therapist is such that it enables the customer to slightly lean forward and place the face in a doughnut-like the one fitted on the end of the massage, allowing the therapist to work the shoulder and back muscles.

Why should you call a traveling massage therapist?

One of the main reasons to call a traveling massage therapist is home comfort. You don’t have to drive for hours while going to and returning from the massage center. Also, you don’t have to lie on the massage table for the therapy. You can lie or sit anywhere in your home for the therapy but only if approved by the massage therapist. You will get dual benefits: home environment and massage benefits in the comfort of your home.

A traveling massage therapist becomes more important if you have mobility issues, meaning you are having difficulty going to the massage parlor. You can even have a relaxing and entertaining session with your friends on holidays by choosing a traveling massage therapist.

If you are a company owner, traveling massage therapy would be a reward for your employees. You can hire a traveling massage therapist for your workplace to relieve the stress of your employees. Just by giving 15-20 minutes, your employees will feel relaxed.

Hire Justin Shelley for traveling massage therapy 

If you are looking for a traveling massage therapist in Philadelphia, call Justin Shelly. He is a licensed and certified massage therapist, offering all types of massage. You will get the best massage experience with him because he has years of experience in the industry.


The Benefits of Body Massage For Men

When it comes to self-care, both men and women must make time for themselves and engage in activities that support both their physical and emotional well-being. However, when asked what they do for self-care, very few men will say they get massages. A day at the spa is frequently perceived as a “feminine” activity; unfortunately, this often prevents men from experiencing the health advantages of massage. Listed below are some of the benefits of Philadelphia male massage:

Benefits of Body Massage for Men

Muscular Recovery

Massage therapy is highly beneficial for men who work hard, play sports, or otherwise strain their muscles. Certain massage techniques, such as sports massage and therapeutic massage, are specifically designed to relieve muscle strain. Massage treatment can assist to break down muscle adhesions and toxins that have formed as a result of tension and overuse, as well as stretch and strengthen muscles to prevent future injuries.

Heart Health Benefits 

Men are particularly at risk for blood pressure problems between the ages of 40 and 64. Even the smallest amount of untreated hypertension can result in a variety of additional cardiac and circulation problems, including blood clots, hemorrhages, heart attacks, and strokes. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that massage treatment can help lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation—all of which are essential for maintaining the health of your veins, arteries, and heart.

Helps in the Treatment of Diabetes 

Men are slightly more likely than women to get type II diabetes, and as a result, they are more likely to develop additional illnesses that are associated with it. Although massage has no immediate effects. The specific ways that Philadelphia male massage therapy helps with circulation, blood flow, nerve pain, and range of motion can complement a diabetes treatment plan.

Improved Immunity

Men are generally reluctant to visit the doctor which results in many illnesses staying untreated. While massage treatment never replaces a doctor’s advice, it can help boost your immune system, reducing the need for doctor visits. Philadelphia male massage accomplishes this by enhancing circulation and lymphatic flow, as well as the number of disease-fighting lymphocyte white blood cells in the blood.’

Improved Sleep

Everyone has a mental picture of a man in their life dozing off in the middle of the afternoon on the couch or in his favorite recliner. This frequently occurs because they don’t get enough sleep each night. It has been frequently demonstrated that Philadelphia male massage can enhance sleep quality by lowering stress levels and boosting serotonin levels. Various sleep problems, such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy, which are more common in men, have symptoms that can be treated with massage therapy.

Contact Justin Shelley, a licensed massage therapist, for the best Philadelphia male massage that will help you relax both physically and mentally.



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