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Improve Your Performance with the Help of a Sports Massage Therapist

Today, more people are into sports than ever before. If you are a professional or amateur athlete, you will significantly benefit from a sports massage. Justin Shelley is a licensed and certified sports massage therapist based in Philadelphia. He ensures that after training or competition, the massage therapy helps to cool down your body and repair any injuries that you have sustained.

Understanding Sports Massage Therapy

While many assume that sports massage therapy is solely for athletes, it can also benefit those who lead a physically demanding life or have demanding hobbies. When you are physically active, the activities can have an effect on the soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, joints, and muscle groups.

The right sports massage therapist, like Justin Shelley, can maximize the therapeutic effects of the massage. Justin ensures the therapy is customized to suit your needs and that is why he conducts a thorough assessment to evaluate your requirements.

Benefits of Sports Medicine Massage

Athletic games, intensive exercise and workout, and sports can take a toll on your body. Hence, it is necessary to choose the right massage therapy that combats the effects of these activities. Deep tissue sports massage is designed to support as well as enhance your performance and recovery. You will find that the massage will also relax you and allow you to focus better on your activities.

Here are some benefits of sports medicine massage that you should be aware of:

Muscle and Mood Relaxation: While many people do not realize it, sports massage can promote relaxation. Muscles that are stressed or over-extended due to rigorous and intensive physical activities can relax with this massage therapy and prepare your body to train rigorous without sustain damage. As a result, your body heals quickly after the exercising or training. It can also accelerate the healing process after an injury.

Deep tissue sports massage also balance chemistry in the body and that helps to stabilize your mood and improves focus and emotional state, allowing you to observe and take quick decision during your activity. This enables you to perform better than the competitors.

Faster Recovery: Intense physical activity puts a strain on your body. However, since different people opt for different physical activities and their body heals at varying speeds, Justin Shelley customizes the massage therapy to suit your needs. Sports massage can help with healing and can accelerate your recovery after an injury.

Justin Shelley excels in identifying and treating physical weakness with the help of this massage. As a result, it improves your athletic performance. He ensures he understands your injury, your medical history, and the activity you indulge in. That enables him to create a customized massage therapy plan that will help you recover without any ill-effects.

Flushing Out Toxins: Intensive training and exercise causes the buildup lactic acid and toxins in the muscles. This can cause painful knots in the muscle and significantly decreases your athletic ability and performance. Justin Shelley a massage treatment plan that flushes out lactic acid and toxins from the muscles.

The sports massage helps to loosen muscle fibers and that, in turn, allows your muscles to quickly recover so that you can continue with your sports, training, and exercise without any discomfort or pain.

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