Thinking About Unwinding Your Muscle Tension? Try Swedish massage!

Well, not every ache and pain needs to be treated with addictive medication along with tons of side effects. Sometimes, it is possible to treat injuries with massage therapy. And, there is no wonder why Swedish massage is immensely popular in today’s scenario. This particular massage focuses on muscles relaxation, targeting superficial muscles, and boosting blood circulation in the body. On the off chance, if you are still thinking about whether to request a reservation for a Swedish full-body massage or not, we recommend you go through the below-listed questions to clarify your doubts and gain accurate information.

  1. What is included in a Swedish Full Body Massage?

Swedish-the popularly known massages primarily involve long, soft, kneading strokes to release tension from the deepest muscles of your body. While releasing muscles tension; the Swedish full body massage utilizes light, tapping as well as rhythmic strokes! Needless to say, both methods are interconnected with joint movement to unwind, energize and heal your muscles as well as joints.

  1. Why is it beneficial to take a Swedish Full Body Massage Performed?

There are plenty of reasons why many individuals choose to receive a Swedish-style massage. I think it is right to say that the perks of taking a Swedish Full body massage are way beyond muscles relaxations. This massage is advantageous for lessening muscle toxins, enhancing flexibility, improving circulation, and boosting blood oxygenation.

  1. How does Swedish Full Body Massage Flexibility?

A full body Swedish-style massage is well-known for improving flexibility as your muscles are stretched and joints are put through their full range of motion during the massage. No denying, flexibility is imperative as it reduces muscular pain and mitigates the risk of injury. For your better understanding, if your hamstrings have gotten extremely tight, you may hit the ground while walking. Furthermore, a Swedish full-body massage not only just rolls your joints and stretches your muscles but enhances flexibility by unwinding the muscle’s tension. Keep in mind; the more relaxed your muscles are, the greater the range of motion you can have!

  1. How does Swedish Full Body Massage improve Circulation?

It improves circulation by supporting the lymphatic system. Additionally, when the muscles are loosened up, blood can flow more swiftly. This is highly effective and beneficial because- the better the circulation, the more nutrients, and oxygen can get to where it is required the most, for example, the muscles people targeted at the fitness center.

  1. Does Swedish Fully Body Massage Reduce Mental Stress?

A study conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative medicine revealed- a 45-minutes Swedish-inspired massage can significantly lessen the levels of cortisol and arginine vasopressin. Arginine vasopressin is a hormone that can abruptly increase cortisol levels. FYI, Cortisol is a stress hormone known for increasing mental stress levels.

  1. Can a Swedish Full Body Massage keep me Fit as a Fiddle?

Yes, absolutely! The same study that concluded that this massage technique is beneficial for easing mental tension also revealed that individuals who received massage for 45-minutes saw a great increase in Lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are white blood cells that play an exceptional role in the efficiency and efficacy of the immune system.

So, these were some of the many crucial questions you should ask before booking an appointment with a spa.

What is Craniosacral therapy and how is it beneficial?

Craniosacral therapy is a naturopathic remedy that employs moderate pressure to gently massage the cranium’s synarthrodial joints. A cranial sacral massage can help in alleviating the stress and anxiety effects. It is also found beneficial in realigning bones, restoring physical as well as mental balance. Craniosacral therapy is often recommended in healing various ailments.

The practitioners of cranial-sacral treatment have claimed that it can treat and alleviate the conditions of neck ache, backache, migraines, and fibromyalgia. Besides treating illness, Craniosacral therapy helps in relaxing the body, detoxification, and aids in restoring consciousness as well. This is a great alternative to improving the conditions without any painkillers or using drugs.

Origin of craniosacral therapy

William Sutherland’s study on the cranial bones established the groundwork cranial sacral therapy. Then, the American school of osteopathy officially established cranial osteopathy in the 1940s. After that, the Cranial Academy was founded in 1947 in the United States.

The massage was then developed by two neuro-parapsychologists named Dr. Linda A. Smith and Karen S. Zuckerman in the 1980s for the treatment of children with autism.

How does Craniosacral therapy work?

Craniosacral therapy is based on the technique that stimulates certain nerve receptors by controlling and the flow of fluids inside the body. As a result, the receptors act as mediators and assists the body in achieving normal functioning levels. Studies have shown that relieving the built-up strain in the body via physical and mental activities can reduce the harmful consequences of cranial movement.

The process of a Craniosacral therapy

Cranial sacral treatment is usually performed by a therapist. The process includes massaging the patient’s cranial, spine, intercostal muscles, and a layer of fascia that covers the muscles. Cranial sacral massage can be an hour-long therapy and includes the following steps:

  1. Examining the patient’s current cranial rhythm.
  2. Establishing a rhythmic stationery point in the skull’s base.
  3. Moving the sacrum.
  4. Stretching the spinal length in the sacroiliac joint area.
  5. Carefully analyzing the diaphragm.
  6. Releasing the hyoid bone from the throat area.
  7. Examining the cranial bones closely.

These are the general steps of a craniosacral massage or therapy but the sequence of the steps may vary for different individuals and it is decided by the experienced practitioner.

Different methods of Craniosacral therapy

There are different approaches to craniosacral therapy. A cranial massage can help in improving the overall health of the body but there are three specific approaches that work in a way to meet the individual’s unique requirement.

  1. Sutural– In this approach, the therapist focus on the sutures in the skull. Manipulating the sutures releases the tension and increases cranial flux.
  2. Meningeal – As the name suggests, this has to do with meninges. Blocked or tensed meninges can disturb the craniosacral system.
  3. Reflex – This approach stimulates specific nerve endings to stop the stress signals between sutures and the scalp.

Various benefits of craniosacral therapy

  • Releasing nervous tension.
  • Alleviation of depression and anxiety.
  • Internal cleansing
  • Boost in blood circulation
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Reduction in pain
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased immunity and more.

Craniosacral therapy is a proven, comprehensive, and time-tested therapeutic approach that focuses on the spine and cranium. A healthy brain means a healthy body and a healthy body means a healthy brain. Hence, healing both can help you stay actually healthy.

What Is Lomi Lomi Massage? What Are Its Benefits?

When it’s about massage therapy, Lomi Lomi massage has a lot to offer. Whether it’s physical or mental wellness, the Lomi Lomi massage has shown extremely good results. But unfortunately, many people aren’t so aware of this massage therapy. They prefer other forms but are not ready to take sessions of Lomi Lomi massage.

In this post, we will help you know about Loni Loni Massage. We hope after reading the post, you will not hesitate to book a session with a professional massage therapist in Philadelphia for Lomi Lomi Massage.

The term Lomi means to shift/move/rub/soothe. The name is such because the massage therapist moves in long flowing motions rather than working on one body part at a time. The massage creates a connection between mind, body, emotion, and spirit. And this is why it is also known as “loving hands massage”.

Other than gentle hand touch, massage therapists ask to take deep breaths to help people relax. Traditionally, the Lomi Lomi massage practitioners used to add music and chanting of prayers during the session.

What’s the philosophy behind Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi massage is a bit spiritual session. According to experts, the wellness of the physical body is equal to mental and emotional wellness. So, during any treatment for the body, it’s important to consider the mental and emotional aspects.

To consider these aspects, the massage therapists involve gentle prayers in the Lomi Lomi massage. Even if people are not religious, they feel extremely calm and soothing, not just for the body but for the soul too.

The massage removes any physical and emotional blockages to begin the healing. It’s viewed as a spiritual way of reconnecting and encouraging recovery.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi massage

Lomi Lomi massage is a deeply relaxing massage but also offers the following therapeutic benefits:

Increases flexibility- The gentle manipulation of joints and limbs increases the range of motion and flexibility. It’s good for people who have poor mobility by birth or after an accident.

Better circulation– The focus on deep tissues during massage therapy ensures better circulation in the body. As Lomi Lomi massage is a long massage, it’s easy for the therapists to target the tissues and help the body to relax and heal.

Removes toxins– Better circulation provides many other benefits to the body. Due to improved circulation in the body, the lymphatic flow works more efficiently and expels toxins. Removal of toxins refreshes the body and makes it stronger.

Regulates heartbeat– The heart, one of the important parts of the body is taken care of with Lomi Lomi massage therapy. It’s good for people with high blood pressure because it lowers blood pressure and gives a greater sense of calmness and wellbeing.

Balanced emotions and breathing– As already said that, Lomi Lomi massage works on inner body energies and emotions. It unblocks the energies and difficult emotions. And thus, the therapy leaves people more connected to their inner self.

Now you very well know about the Lomi Lomi Massage. So, if you think the therapy is beneficial for you and your body, you should book a session with a professional massage therapist in Philadelphia.

Do My Massages Cause Pain?

It all depends on the type of massage you want.

A relaxing massage should never be painful. The goal of a “Swedish” or relaxation massage should be to accomplish just that. You should feel fully relaxed as if you’re floating on cloud 9, or “massage intoxicated.”

Deep Tissue massage, on the other hand, could be a whole other circumstance. Deep Tissue massage is usually required for persons who have pain or stiffness in trouble areas. Most people who have had a deep tissue massage have probably had a “no pain, no gain” massage therapist who informed them that they needed to push as hard as they could to loosen up their muscles, regardless of how much agony they were in in in causing you.


I’m a massage therapist who believes that if your nervous system believes your body is in danger, you won’t be able to rest. Because everyone has their unique “pain” threshold, my approach to Deep Tissue massage differs from person to person. We all know family members or acquaintances who never seem to get cold, no matter how cold it gets outside. Outside, they’re dressed in shorts and a T-shirt while everyone else is dressed in slacks, a sweater, a coat, and a beanie. How can they accomplish it while avoiding the “pain” of the cold, snowy weather? How can someone who likes spicy food deal with the “pain” that comes with it? What about massage in particular? Why do some individuals enjoy getting a thorough, elbow-in-the-back massage while others can’t stand it? It’s because “pain” is a relative term for each person, and some “pain” thresholds may be managed, manipulated, and adjusted.

While I’m freeing your soft tissue, fascia, and musculature, most people will experience “moderate pain.” Your muscle is already in pain or stiff, and the mild discomfort you experience during my massage will eventually alleviate the agony you were experiencing when you first arrived at my studio.

What are the Physical and Mental Benefits of a Swedish Massage?

The most common and best-known type of therapeutic massage available today is the Swedish massage. This massage is the best place to start if it’s your first time getting massage therapy. With several different techniques combined into one session, Swedish massage can offer you mental and physical benefits.

Swedish body massage is your perfect option if you are overworked or stressed out and want to relax your body and mind. This massage can be both relaxing and energizing as it relieves muscle tension. Moreover, it may help after an injury.

What Happens During a Swedish Massage?

During therapy sessions, the massage therapist will lubricate your skin with oil or lotion and perform several massage strokes. These movements warm up the muscle tissue, release tension, and break up muscle knots.

Before the therapist starts the massage, they will ask you about any injuries or other conditions. You can tell your massage therapist if you have any, allergies, and conditions. Also, inform them upfront if you have a preference for light or firm pressure.

Here we’ll explore some of the mental and physical benefits of a Swedish massage:

  1. Pain Management

Swedish massage is an effective method for managing several different conditions and chronic pain in a natural way. Talk to your therapist beforehand about your pain points so they can target those areas and use a motion to reduce muscle tension and improve local circulation.

  1. Decreased Stress and Increase Relaxation

Many people have hectic schedules. Stress can establish in your body with increased muscle tension and in mind with anxiety and worry. Swedish massage helps clear the body and mind of undesirable responses to stress by relaxing muscular tension and calming the nervous system.

  1. Better Flexibility and Range of Motion

Swedish massage can stretch the muscles, lubricate and open the joint, and reduce swelling. This massage style can also increase a more fluid range of motion by incorporating stretching techniques.

  1. Improve Posture

While postural imbalances have many sources, Swedish massage therapy can help ease the muscular holding that underlies causes postural unevenness.

  1. Increased Blood Flow

Swedish massage can expand the blood vessels and extends the membrane pores, enhancing your body’s ability to supply fresh blood to organs and muscles.

  1. Support Healthy Immunity

It is essential to take a holistic approach when it comes to your overall health. An increase in physical pain can also increase mental stress. That stress can manifest in the muscles and lead to an immune deficiency.

Swedish massage promotes relaxation and lowers body tension; thus, it encourages a hale and hearty immune system.

  1. Better Sleep

Swedish massage can increase serotonin levels in your body to make you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  1. Relieve Headaches

Migraines and headaches can result from stress and poor circulation. Swedish massage relieves the stress related to tension headaches and enhances circulation.

If you want to try a Swedish massage or add this massage to your weekly routine, consult a certified massage therapist.

What Conditions can Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy Help Improve?

Today, many people suffer from chronic pain, and the source generally arises from common imbalance and dysfunctional patterns in the musculoskeletal system. You can relieve most chronic pain with a combination of skilled manual therapy and corrective exercise.

In order to relieve and eventually correct patterns in your body that lead to pain and deterioration, you should opt for myoskeletal therapy. With Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT), you can be free from pain, avoiding invasive surgery or toxic pain medications.

The human body comprises functional systems and structural systems, such as the anatomy of bones, connective tissues, and nerves. These systems are joined in a connected feedback loop. Without a comprehensive understanding of how these systems function together, myoskeletal therapists can’t assess and treat the common musculoskeletal complaints.

With Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, you can better understand how the body and brain systems work together, what issues lead to pain, and how to recreate optimal balance and performance.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy?

This therapy is available to an individual who wants to:

  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Relax and ease stress
  • Get rid of any muscular or joint pain through their knees, shoulder, back, etc.
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Improve Posture
  • Better their athletic performance

What will Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy Enhance?

  1. Postural Correction

The pain usually results from weak and bad posture. You will experience pain relief if you correct your posture. But if you don’t, the issue may get worse over time. Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy is an excellent way to bring awareness to your posture to make the changes required for pain relief.

Myoskeletal therapy is also helpful for a person with unhealthy posture as its aids in fixing muscle atrophy and weakness. MAT can help if you’re dealing with neck and back pain due to any trauma or postural issues.

  1. Sports Injuries

Whether you play sports professionally or for recreational purposes, your joints and ligaments are susceptible to injury. That’s why it is essential to do a warm-up before playing any sports. Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy can help your movement to reduce the likelihood of injury or overuse.

  1. Migraines

MAT can help improve your body’s alignment, which can lessen the effects and steady the onset of migraines.

  1. Post-Surgery

Myoskeletal therapy can help counteract symptoms and challenges after orthopedic and other surgeries.

  1. Post-Physical Therapy

By enhancing myoskeletal alignment, you can avoid negative side effects from some orthopedic therapy.

  1. Hyper-Flexibility

Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy can address some side-effects of hyper-flexibility, such as headaches, high blood pressure, hyperhidrosis, POTS, and slow-healing wounds.

  1. Arthritis/ Tendonitis/ Carpal Tunnel

It is essential that the bones, tendons, and ligaments of your arms, hands, shoulders and other joints function together efficiently. However, it can be confusing to know which condition you’re suffering from. Fortunately, you can address each of these painful conditions with Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy.

To effectively relieve the pain conditions that generally affect your neck and back, you should consult a certified myoskeletal therapist.

Aromatherapy – A Popular Alternative Treatment for Overall Wellbeing in the US

Aromatherapy, also known as essential oils therapy, refers to the therapeutic use of essential oils that are absorbed by the skin or olfactory system. Essential oils are plant-based and help enhance the overall physical and psychological well-being. Though the history of the use of distilled plant materials dates back to over two thousand years ago, the term “aromatherapy” was first used by Rene Maurice Gattefosse in the early 20th century in his book “Aromatherapie”.

Different essential oils render different results, thus you must use the right essential oils for desired effects. While some essential oils can help you experience relaxation and a sense of calm, some essential oils can help keep you alert and more focused. You can choose aromatherapy for a variety of purposes, such as lower stress, boost energy, lift a depression, enjoy a good night’s sleep, and more.

Is Aromatherapy Effective? Does Aromatherapy Work?

While patients have claimed to report diverse benefits of aromatherapy, most research regarding aromatherapy has been focused on its use to manage depression, anxiety, muscle tension, sleep problems, nausea, and pain.

Many studies suggest that aromatherapy can result in quick pain reduction and improving pulse, blood pressure, skin temperature, and brain activity.

While there are various areas where aromatherapy can do wonders, aromatherapy is scientifically proven effective in treating anxiety and improving emotional and spiritual conditions even when suffering from a disease, such as ESRD.

Due to the low cost and minimal side-effects associated with aromatherapy, nowadays, many patients are attracted to aromatherapy, and even many healthcare providers are recommending the use of aromatherapy in combination with conventional treatments. What’s more, essential oils used in aromatherapy are recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How are essential oils used during aromatherapy?

Most commonly, an essential oil is applied topically after adding it to carrier oil and then used for massage therapy. However, essentials oils can also be absorbed through inhalation. Till now, more than 40 plant derivatives have been identified to be beneficial for therapeutic use. However, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile, and peppermint are the most frequently used essential oils.

Some people might be allergic to particular essential oil or aroma. Thus, it is advised to apply essential oil on the small area of skin first and test if your skin is compatible with that type of oil or not.

What are the benefits of using essential oils therapy?

Most essential oils are known to have antiseptic properties and help fight infection. Many of them can help reduce aches and pain, reduce spasm and inflammation, stimulate the immune system, promote hormone production, impact blood circulation, open nasal passages, and more.

Various essential oils perform more than one function. So with the use of the right essential oil or the right combination of two essential oils, you can treat a wide range of common physical ailments and emotional problems. What’s best about aromatherapy is that your massage therapist can apply a blend of oils that will offer the benefit of both or more oils (used in the blend) in one aromatherapy treatment.

To make aromatherapy work for you, it is critical that the right essential oils are used, and they are applied and massaged the right way. Thus, when you look for aromatherapy treatment near you, make sure that your massage therapist is properly qualified to offer aromatherapy.

Are you looking for a licensed massage therapist in Philadelphia for aromatherapy? If yes, book an appointment with Justin Shelley – Licensed Massage Therapist, or contact us at +1-267-252-7658 if you have any queries related to aromatherapy.

Sports Massage: The Best way to Recover Quickly and Keep Training Plans on Track

Many athletes put a lot of effort and time each day into training their bodies and skills. Unfortunately, not many of them take care of their bodies in the downtime. If you let your body and mind rest appropriately, you’ll see more benefits from your training and be less prone to injury.

One of the best ways to optimize the resting period is by scheduling regular sports massages. This type of massage is ever-present and gaining popularity amongst athletes. The intended advantage of a sports massage is enhanced recovery – prevent injuries and increase performance level. The massage can also help improve flexibility and mobility, reduce muscle tension, increase muscle blood flow, and reduce muscle soreness.

How is Sports Massage different from Other Massages?

Although sports massage and regular massage do employ some similar techniques, there are many noticeable differences. The most significant one is that traditional massage has a fixed set of routine strokes intended to relax a group of muscles like hamstrings, quadriceps, etc. That isn’t the case in sports massage, which addresses and treats every athlete for their own particular issue.

Here’s how sports massage can help athletes perform at their peak:

  1. Prevention and Maintenance

Therapists perform this massage when the athletes can recover from soreness. The therapist helps remove any restrictions in the tissues and make adjustments to the body without interrupting the preparation cycle. It can:

  • Normalize tissue
  • Improve tissue healing
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce muscle stiffness
  • Remove trigger points
  • Improve scar mobility
  1. Injury Treatment

Sports massage is often performed when an athlete suffers an injury while performing or playing. The massage may help the athlete recover and get back to the track or field right away. The massage can also:

  • Prepare tissue to improve treatments
  • Improve tissue healing
  • Remove trigger points
  • Improve scar mobility
  1. Recovery

The recovery period is a time where an athlete can receive sports massage therapy. The phase may include a post-event massage and a thorough recovery massage. This massage is ideally performed after the completion of the competition. The massage can:

  • Reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness
  • Help with muscle endurance and power output
  • Increase neutrophil count
  • Decrease pain-causing substances in the muscle
  • Improve blood flow
  • Calm the nervous system and help effect relaxation]
  • Increase the pain threshold after a workout
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  1. Event Preparation

Sometimes athletes need a massage before the event. Many athletes include massage therapy in their overall warm-up routine. This massage is quicker, lighter, and doesn’t last more than 10 minutes. It helps:

  • Warm the muscles
  • Excite the nervous system
  • Increase blood flow
  • Delay the feel of exertion
  • Reduce injury

Some people might experience soreness during and after sports massage; however, a reputable and skilled therapist can reduce such excruciating experiences through constant feedback.

Vital Ways To Choose A Qualified Massage Therapist In Philadephia!!

Without a doubt, massage therapy is a way to unwind and relax your body, mind, and soul. On the off chance, if you have ever booked an appointment, chances are you were more excited about getting relaxation rather than choosing who would be the best one to take you there.  Well, to get the best outcomes out of your massage, choosing a certified massage therapist is key. A certified massage therapist comprehends the accurate methods to keep you safe and boost your health.

Certainly, a quick run down from your spouse can help you relax, but certified massage therapists have done special programs that required classes in subjects like anatomy and physiology, extensive technique education, and massage practice. They know how the body works and moves, and they precisely utilize that knowledge to design your massage according to your specific concerns, such as headaches, back pain, and so on. However, locating a well-qualified massage therapist is not a cakewalk, but it is not as daunting as it appears.

Here are some ways to find a certified massage therapist. Keep reading to learn.

  1. Look For Recommendations: When locating a qualified therapist for massage, try to get recommendations from your close ones, but do not forget to check the websites of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and the American Massage Therapy Association; as both let you fetch therapist by location. Moreover, you can also seek help from massage schools; they are the ones who usually have contacts.
  2. Watch For Licensing and Recommendations: Once you have track down some names, reach out to them personally or check online on their official website if they are certified and have licensed as well. The ones who are legit will use “LMT” (licensed massage therapist) or “LMP” (licensed massage practitioner) next to their names. Similarly, “CMT” indicates that the person is certified. Always remember, don’t feel shy about asking who conferred certification and the requirements, for example, some states need that therapists should only operate after completing 500 hours of training at an accredited institution and clear a standardized competency examination every four years.
  3. Contemplate Your Condition: Just in case, if you are seeing your certified massage therapist, particularly to get rid of your chronic pain, or to treat any other medical condition, then the one working at your beloved spa may not be the apt choice according to your requirements. Some therapists focus on basic relaxation and muscle tension; some have a specialization in treating humans with typical health issues, for example, fibromyalgia or cancer, etc. Hence, make sure to gather complete information when choosing.
  4. Know Your Massager: Prior to your massage, do not forget to consider one last step- hitting the massage center on your own. In case, if you cannot visit the center because of any reason, reach them over the phone. Talk to at least three to four massage therapists regarding your specific issues and what you can expect to achieve during your massage sessions.

These were four crucial steps for choosing the right/ certified/ qualified massage therapist in Philadelphia. For any further assistance, contact us instantly.

No Place for Body Shaming on my Massage Table

If you’ve been on social media recently or even read the news, you’ve probably come across thousands of people posting stories or photos of themselves innocently only to find that they have been body-shamed about their weight, looks, hair, or even clothing choices – you name it. This doesn’t only happen to us but celebrities as well are under the pressure of looking their best at all times and need to keep up with the latest beauty trends and hacks for fear of getting criticized on national TV. But it’s not just women who are treated in this way, actors who let themselves go a little or swap their famous muscular physique for a so-called dad-bod are body shamed and splayed all over magazines which makes it even tougher and more stressful for them.

Online Body Shaming

This just goes to prove that body shaming can happen to anyone, regardless of your designation, stature, sex, or size. Many people who are body shamers aren’t perfect either and strive to bring down other people simply to feel better about themselves. With the advancement of the internet, these body-shamers can now hide behind anonymity and post hurtful messages and comments even if they are millions of miles away. While some people are supremely confident in themselves and don’t care about what others think, others still feel hurt about negative comments and even though they may try to change the subject, it’s only human to experience hurt feelings, especially when being judged for who you are.

Helping Clients Towards Body Positivity

Being a massage therapist, I have clients from every walk of life coming in for a body massage and each person is unique and different in their way. Clients will share their struggles, pain, and happiness with us and open up their hearts about the way that other people made them feel unloved or were critical towards their size.

With magazines splayed with images of thin celebs, pageant queens, and muscular men, clients often feel ashamed to disrobe and reveal their bodies to a stranger to massage and it doesn’t matter because I don’t discriminate. I can’t tell you what any of my client’s bodies looked like because I don’t remember, what I do remember is our conversations and shared stories.

Many people out there are struggling with weight loss, eating disorders, and more, and being a massage therapist, they look towards me to be understanding, especially when they are in a vulnerable position. The great conversations I have with people remind me that we have no place and no right to judge anyone, regardless of their size or looks – we don’t know their stories, what they have been through or the progress they are trying to make. It all comes down to adjusting our thoughts.

Final Thoughts

So as a massage therapist, am I judging your body? No, definitely not. I’m here to massage your body, not measure the size of your stomach or thighs. Each body is an amazing gift and no matter what you feel you look like, it’s all about what’s on the inside that counts. I know I am Justin Shelley and love the way I look, and I do not care what others think about me or my body. I try to inculcate the same feelings in my clients for their bodies. I am just a massage therapist in the world, but I’d like to put my thoughts forward so that you can understand.

If you’ve ever had a massage therapist reject or judge you for your weight, height, or looks, or are reluctant to make an appointment because of your age or shape, then the massage service I provide will give you a safe space that is respectful and without judgment. There is no such thing as a perfect body; we all have our imperfections and that leaves us no place to judge or think of someone in that way if we don’t know their pain, struggles, or haven’t gotten the chance to know them as yet.

If you want to book a massage appointment, don’t get stressed about the way you look. Just give me, Justin Shelley, a call and we’ll take it from there.