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Treat Myofascial Pain Syndrome with Effective Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

Myofascial release massage is a type of massage therapy that is used to treat myofascial pain syndrome. In Philadelphia, Justin Shelley offers this massage therapy. He is a trained, licensed, and certified therapist who has the distinction of treating many clients with myofascial pain syndrome. So, you know that you will be in good hands.

This disorder is caused due to tightness and sensitivity in the myofascial tissues, which are connective tissues and support your muscles in the body.

The pain occurs in specific areas in these connective tissues. When you go for myofascial release massage therapy, it will ease the tightness and tension in the trigger points, thereby reducing the pain you are experiencing. It is prudent to remember pinpointing a specific trigger point is difficult, and that is why myofascial release massage is a great choice. Rather than focusing on a single point, this massage therapy works over a broad area, addressing the pain and sensitivity that you are experiencing.

How Does Myofascial Release Massage Work?

When you choose myofascial release massage therapy in Philadelphia, Justin Shelley will gently massage the areas that feel stiff and tight. Under normal circumstances, myofascia is elastic and pliable but when you have myofascial pain syndrome, the myofascia will be tight.

You can expect Justin to massage and stretch areas that feel tight and rigid. He uses light manual pressure to release the pressure from the stiff myofascia. Justin will repeat the process multiple times on the same trigger point until the tension is completely released. You may notice that Justin may not massage areas where you experience the pain. That is because this massage therapy works on a broader network of muscles that could actually be the source of the pain. Myofascial release massage is designed to address trigger points throughout your body and that is why it is so effective.

Myofascial Release vs Massage

Many people assume that myofascial release and massage are the same. However, they are not. Massage uses kneading and stroking motions on the skin to relax and de-stress muscles. The therapist uses lotions or oils to gently massage the muscles to remove tension and knots from them. After a massage session, you will feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful.

On the other hand, myofascial release is a deeper massage, wherein it targets specific areas of the connective tissue. This tissue is known as fascia and surrounds bones and muscles. The pressure that Justin Shelley applies works to release knots, tightness, and restrictions in the connective tissue. The pressure on the target areas is applied for three to five minutes so that the myofascia softens and stretches.

When you look at myofascial release vs massage, the technique is the differentiating factor. In myofascial release connective tissue is address whereas, in a regular massage, muscles are targeted. Myofascial release relaxes the nervous system while massage loosens muscles.

Schedule Myofascial Release Massage Near Me

In Philadelphia, you do not have to look too hard to find the right massage therapist. Justin Shelley is centrally located and is trained and licensed to offer myofascial release. Schedule an initial consultation with him if you are looking for a myofascial release massage near me.