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Feel Calm and Relaxed with Aromatherapy Massage in Philadelphia

When you smell the fragrance of flowers, you may smile without realizing or feel good as you inhale the lovely smell. Well, the same thing happens when you choose aromatherapy massage in Philadelphia. Justin Shelley, a licensed, certified, and trained massage therapist, combines the goodness of aromatherapy techniques to ensure you benefit from it.

Justin Shelley uses high quality essential oils and has complete knowledge of which oils to use for each client. That enables him to customize the massage therapy to suit the needs of the client. He uses aromatherapy massage that makes use of specific essential oils.


How Aromatherapy Massage Works?

Essential oils are derived from plants. These oils have fragrance and healing properties they are massaged into your skin and you also inhale them. For instance, if you are finding it difficult to sleep, Justin will suggest an aromatherapy massage with lavender. f you are emotionally distressed, Justin will use rose or rosemary oil to balance and bring about inner peace and harmony.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and are never used on their own. Instead, they are combined with different lotions so that your skin can absorb the goodness and wellness that the oils offer. 

Why Choose Aromatherapy Massage Near Me?

Aromatherapy massage comes with numerous benefits and primarily depends on the essential oil that is used. That is the reason Justin Shelley likes to hold an initial assessment and evaluation to find out what your problems are and the results you expect. Based on this information, he creates a customized treatment plan for each client, using the right aromatherapy essential oil.

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