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mobile massage therapist in Philadelphia
Can I Book an In-Home Massage Session in Philadelphia?
Living in the bustling city of Philadelphia, it's not always easy to find time to pamper yourself and relax. Between... Read More
Back Pain from Breathing
Back Pain from Breathing: Is Bad Posture the Cause?
We often overlook the importance of breathing - that automatic, involuntary process that keeps us alive. Yet, the way we... Read More
Justin Shelley is a licensed massage therapist
Do Not Let Pain Control You: Unlock a Pain-Free Lifestyle
Justin Shelley is a licensed massage therapist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who understands the transformative power of therapeutic touch and... Read More
Deep Tissue Massage
Signs Your Body Need a Deep Tissue Massage
You're thought to prioritize your body's well-being, and a deep tissue massage might be simply what you need. This healing... Read More
therapeutic massage
Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage: All You Need to Know
As the world becomes more complex, stress and tension are taking a major toll on our physical and mental well-being.... Read More
massage therapist
Strategies I Follow to Give Every Client Their Best Massage
As a massage therapist, I have a simple guiding principle - I want every client to walk out thinking, "That... Read More
Neuromuscular Massage Techniques
What are Neuromuscular Massage Techniques? | Licensed Massage Therapist
If you’re unfamiliar with this targeted therapy, you’ve come to the right place! So what exactly sets neuromuscular massage apart?... Read More
therapeutic massages
Benefits of Therapeutic Massage During Winter Months
When winter settles in, the cold weather and shorter days can really take a toll on the body and mind.... Read More
Healing Touch: The Deep Impact of Bodywork
Research into the impact of stress on humans has a long history, with roots dating back nearly 100 years. During... Read More
What is a Prenatal Massage?
A prenatal massage for women provides comfort and relaxation for expectant mothers. This specialized massage aims to ease common pregnancy... Read More

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