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Licensed Massage Therapist in Philadelphia

Have you been feeling stressed and in pain? Massage therapy can improve your health, relieve your stress and pain, and much more.

Justin Shelley is a trained and licensed massage therapist in Philadelphia with:

  • Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork from the National Certification Board
  • Certification in Neuromuscular
  • Certification in MyoKinesthetic System

With advanced training in techniques like Neuromuscular Therapy, Myokinesthetic Systems, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage, Justin creates personalized plans to target each client's unique needs.

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Benefits of Massage Sessions

Physical Benefits
  • Reduces muscle tension, soreness, and pain.
  • Increases flexibility, range of motion, and mobility.
  • Enhances athletic performance and workout recovery.
Mental Benefits
  • Promotes deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Elevates mood and reduces anxiety/depression.
  • Enhances focus and mental clarity.
Emotional Benefits
  • Releases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.
  • Reduces levels of stress hormones like cortisol.
  • Fosters deeper relaxation and a sense of well-being.
Physiological Benefits
  • Improves circulation and nutrient delivery.
  • Boosts immune system function.
  • Accelerates healing from soft tissue injuries.

Who are Massage Therapy Sessions for?

Athletes & Active Individuals
  • Professional athletes
  • Weekend warriors/fitness enthusiasts
  • Yogis, runners, cyclists
  • Those with physically demanding jobs
Medical Patients
  • Pre- and post-surgery
  • Cancer patients
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Those with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia
All Ages
  • Children
  • Seniors
  • Adults
  • Teens
Desk Workers
  • Those with sedentary jobs
  • Computer users
  • Office professionals
Stressed Individuals
  • Overworked professionals
  • Caregivers
  • Anyone experiencing high stress
Those Seeking Relaxation
  • Perfect for self-care/pampering
  • Singles
  • Couples

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Types of Massage Therapy Sessions Offered

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage releases knots and chronic muscle tension by applying deeper pressure and slower strokes to the deeper layers of soft tissue. Deep tissue massage aims to increase blood flow, release built-up lactic acid, and enhance mobility by gradually breaking down adhesions and scar tissue.

Combined Thai-Swedish-Deep Tissue Massage

This integrated massage skillfully combines deep tissue techniques, Swedish long soothing strokes, and Thai stretching and compressions to provide full body relaxation and target areas of tension and soreness in the muscles.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Specializing in detailed deep tissue work, neuromuscular therapy uses focused pressure to release trigger points and relieve myofascial pain and muscle spasms. This treatment aims to address the underlying physical causes of chronic pain patterns.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage techniques use long, light strokes to improve circulation, relax the entire body, release tense muscles, and promote wellness in general. These massage sessions promote deep relaxation while flushing out metabolic waste and lactic acid build-up.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage involves client assessment and specialized treatment to meet goals like injury recovery, headache, and TMJ relief. This massage lowers anxiety and stress and promotes general relaxation. It offers customized techniques to meet individual needs.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy uses essential oils in a traditional Swedish massage and uses the sense of smell to encourage deeper relaxation, a decrease in stress, and an improvement in overall well-being. Specific essential oil blends may be used to target tired muscles, tension, or pain.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release techniques use stretches and mildly applied pressure to release fascia restrictions, which reduce pain and increase the range of motion. These massage sessions correct posture, reduce joint restrictions and improve flexibility.

Sciatic Nerve Massage

This specialized treatment aims to relieve pain and numbness caused by sciatic nerve compression due to injury or conditions like piriformis syndrome. During the massage, gentle pressure and strokes are applied to the sciatic nerve pathway, mostly with stretches.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage applies deep pressure to release chronic muscle tension and relieve aches and pains using heated stones that act as extensions of the therapist's hands. Direct heat helps to relax muscles to perform a deeper massage.

Sports Massage

Sports massage aims to improve strength, reduce post-workout soreness, increase flexibility, help athletes recover from injuries, and enhance performance. It uses a variety of techniques customized to each athlete's sport and training regimen.

Couples Massage

The goal of couples massage is to encourage relaxation and connection by letting two people receive massages one after the other while observing the process. This experience builds bonds through the healing power of the human touch.

Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy uses mild traction forces along the length of the spine to realign and rehydrate the spine, thus easing pressure on nerve roots and treating back and neck pain related to compressed discs.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

This specialty massage uses hand-carved Himalayan salt stones that have been warmed to body temperature to induce deep muscle relaxation. It helps the body become grounded and balanced through mineral absorption. The salt stones also reduce inflammation.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage, a Hawaiian massage technique, releases emotional and muscular tension from the body through flowing, rhythmic movements of the hands and forearms. It also encourages the free flow of energy.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage aims to reduce common pregnancy discomforts like back and leg pain. It improves overall circulation and targets areas prone to tension as the body adjusts to the baby. These massage sessions promote relaxation during pregnancy.

Thai Massage

Thai massage promotes better mobility, circulation, and energy flow by combining gentle yoga-like stretches with sustained compressions along energy lines. This passive, assisted stretching provides full-body relaxation.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy uses light pressure, mostly on the head, neck, and sacrum, to release restrictions surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This helps with pain and tension relief, alignment, and central nervous system regulation.

acupressure therapy
Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure therapy is an ancient Chinese healing practice in which finger pressure is applied to specific points on the body. These points, also known as acupressure points, are thought to be interconnected by meridians or pathways that promote the flow of energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”).

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How Justin Shelley Massage Helps You

Justin Shelley, a licensed massage therapist in Philadelphia, PA, specializes in addressing various types of pain, including skeletal, neurological, and muscular discomfort. With extensive experience, he collaborates with patients, asking detailed questions about their pain history, treatments, and current condition. Justin offers massage therapy alongside conventional treatments, aiming for dual benefits.

For those suffering from poor posture, Justin focuses on improving not only posture but also altering the brain's perception of pain. This approach aids in reducing or eliminating pain and discomfort effectively.

Justin Shelley addresses a range of musculoskeletal issues, including slumped shoulders, spinal curvature, neck problems, lower back issues, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and more. Through thorough communication with patients, he identifies the core problem causing pain, devising personalized treatment plans to address the underlying issues.

Beyond conventional problems, Justin tackles modern challenges like stress, anxiety, extended screen time, poor lifestyle choices, and lack of sleep. Even fitness enthusiasts benefit from his expertise, as he helps identify inhibited muscles that may hinder fitness goals.

To schedule an initial consultation with Justin Shelley, contact Massage Philadelphia at +1-267-252-7658. Take control of your well-being and embark on a path to a pain-free life under the guidance of this experienced massage therapist in Philadelphia.

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Problems Massage Philadelphia Addresses

While Justin Shelley treats a whole range of issues that causes pain, some of the more common he tends to address are as follows:

  • Slumped shoulders
  • Distinct curvature of the spine while standing, sitting, and walking
  • Flat neck due to cervical spondylosis
  • Excessive curvature of the lower back, leading to protruding abdomen and tilting of the pelvis
  • Scoliosis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Groin pain
  • Elbow pain due to repetitive actions
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Neck and jaw pain
  • Muscular pain due to cricks and incorrect posture while sleeping
  • A discrepancy in the leg length due to pelvic tilt
  • Problems with the range of motion of the neck, shoulders, hips, and back due to injury or other issues
  • Scar tissue formation

These issues are just the tip of the iceberg that Justin Shelley is adept at handling. There are several more. All you need to do is get in touch with Massage Philadelphia and schedule an initial consultation. As the best massage therapist in Philadelphia, Justin Shelley will be able to help you live a pain-free life. You can say goodbye to steroids and NSAIDs that you have been taking.

Empower Yourself to Be Pain-free

Stress, anxiety, extended screen time, poor lifestyle choices, and not getting adequate sleep are some of the main issues plaguing modern society. These make people more susceptible to pain and pain can overtake your life without you even realizing it. Even if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can benefit from a consultation with one of the leading male massage therapists in Philadelphia. You may not even realize that you have inhibited muscles that prevent you from reaching your fitness goals and potential

Justin Shelley, a licensed massage therapist in Philadelphia, can work wonders. He has helped patients, who have already tried other massage therapies without results. He not only works to provide pain relief but also focuses on improving your movements and posture so that you enjoy holistic benefits from the therapy. Whether you have neurological, postural, orthopedic, neuromuscular, or any other condition that is hampering your life and causing you pain, Justin Shelley will be able to help you.

It is time you take the reins in your hands and can book your first visit to get the initial assessment done. You will be surprised how that will lay the foundation for a pain-free life. Call +1-267-252-7658 today and speak to Justin Shelley, a massage therapist in Philadelphia, who understands what it means to let pain take over your life.


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