Is Vagus Nerve Massage Effective To Your Body Systems?

This post is all about vagus nerve massage. But, before we discuss it, you should know and understand what a vagus nerve is. As defined by medical professionals, a vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve that extends from the brainstem down to the gastrointestinal tract. The vagus nerve reaches far, affecting many parts of the body. The role of the vagus nerve is digestion, hormone production, managing emotions, heartbeat, and breathing.

Medically, the functioning of the vagus nerve is referred to as vagal tone.

What’s the impact of poor vagus functioning (low vagal tone)?

If the vagal tone is high or at the expected level, everything is fine. You don’t have to worry about your body systems as a well-functioning vagus nerve will handle them all. But, you should be very careful when the functioning of a vagus nerve is poor.

Low vagal tone is associated with IBS and IBD as well as heart disease, depression, and autoimmune conditions. It negatively impacts the gut-brain connection as well as digestion, heart and breathing regulation, and emotional wellbeing. Other than this, the impact falls on mental health, blood pressure, heartbeat, ability to swallow, and immune system.

Vagus Nerve Massage- An effective way to prevent poor vagus functioning and help your body systems to stay fit

What is vagus nerve massage?

It’s a form of vagus nerve stimulation that improves vagal tone or vagus nerve functioning. In this, the therapist doesn’t directly massage the vagus nerve but the areas that are close to the vagus nerve.

How is vagus nerve massage performed?

A therapist applies moderate pressure to the area between the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles in the neck-shoulder area and at the muscles below the base of the skull. The pressure is applied with twisting or stroking motions.

The locations of trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles are important for you to know for a better understanding of vagus nerve massage. You will find trapezius muscles at the top of your shoulders, helping you to move the neck and head as well as the shoulder blades. On the other hand, you will find sternocleidomastoid muscles down the sides of your neck, from the base of your head, helping you to rotate the head and keep the head aligned with the spine.

There is another way how vagus nerve massage is performed by a therapist. Another form of vagus nerve massage is known as carotid sinus massage. In this, the therapist press lightly with the fingers on the side of the neck where the pulse from the carotid artery is felt the strongest. This stimulates a receptor in the carotid artery and raises vagal tone. The objective of carotid sinus massage is to slow a rapid heart rate and improve abnormal heart rhythm.

How effective is vagus nerve massage on your body structure?

Several studies show that a massage of the base of the head, neck, and shoulders improves heart rate variability. Heart rate variability is the time between heartbeats that are indirectly used to measure vagal tone.

A well-functioning vagus nerve allows proper communication between the brain and other organs, including the heart, lungs, and guts. This means the vagus nerve massage is very effective on your body structure.

What Should You Do To Minimize Occurrence of Any Soreness After A Message?

You got the best massage therapist in Philadelphia but still, you are fearful about post-massage soreness. This fear is very common and there is nothing wrong with it. The only wrong thing is blaming the massage therapist for the problem.

A bit of soreness and some discomfort after a massage is completely normal. And it’s because the pressure is applied to your body during massage therapy so that you release tension and stay relaxed. Pressure is necessary to eliminate pain from different parts of the body. A simple touch of the massage therapist will not leave any impact behind and the session will not be effective. You can control the pressure and reduce the chances of soreness after massage therapy by bringing it to the notice of your massage therapist. The therapist will adjust the pressure as per your response.

If your body gets sore even after taking all the precautions, you shouldn’t worry or panic. You should consider it as part of the massage therapy session. You just have to be a bit careful after the massage and follow the below-mentioned tips.

You should stay hydrated 

Hydration is very important after the massage, whether you experience soreness or not. Water energizes the muscles, keeping electrolyte levels in balance so that muscles function at an optimal level. Other than this, water lubricates the joints and helps them move smoothly.

If you are dehydrated, there will be less fluid to lubricate the joints and help them move smoothly. Just remember that muscles are mainly made up of water, which reduces after the massage therapy. If you hydrate the muscles properly, it will be extremely helpful in minimizing soreness.

You should stretch gently 

Stretching after a massage might be painful for you. But, it’s a great way to prevent the occurrence of soreness. It’s said keeping the area that received massage moving has a very impact on soreness prevention.

Stretching should be very gentle and the focus should be on the area that is massaged. Gentle stretching will keep the body moving, allowing blood to flow throughout those areas and keeping the muscles loose. You shouldn’t even try any strenuous activity following a massage.

You should take a bath 

Even if it’s not about soreness, taking a bath after a massage is a good thing. With this, your muscles will get soaked and your body will feel relaxed. The effectiveness of massage therapy will increase.

Relating it to soreness, you will keep inflammation down and increase circulation if you add some Epsom salts in water when taking a bath. With decreased inflammation and increased circulation, you will prevent or manage the soreness after a massage.

You should use a cold compress 

If you experience soreness or notice swelling in specific areas of your body after a massage therapy session, the use of a cold compress will do wonders. You should use it as soon as possible following a massage.

The ice pack should be wrapped in a cloth before using it on the parts where you are experiencing soreness. Use the ice pack for about 10 minutes and take it off for another ten minutes. Make sure you don’t apply ice directly to the affected parts.

Soreness following a massage is common. But, more than that, it’s important how you manage it so that the problem doesn’t increase. If you think the problem is increasing, you should consult your best massage therapist in Philadelphia.

Amazing Ways in Which Massage Therapy Can Benefit Your Body

Getting massage is one of the best ways to feel relaxed. However, relaxation of the mind and the body is not the only benefit of getting a massage. There are several benefits of getting massage therapy for your body. There are different types of massages that can be helpful for specific purposes as well. Also, if you do not feel like visiting the spa to get the massage, then you can choose mobile massage therapy for yourself. It is quite easy to find a mobile massage therapist in Philadelphia.

Massage is basically the process of strategic pressure application on the skin which slows down the nervous system and the person feels relaxed. There are several other mental benefits of the slowed nervous system like lower blood pressure and decreased heart rate. The best thing about massage therapy is that you can see the benefits immediately. Today, we shall be discussing the benefits of massage therapy. Let’s see the most common ways in which massage therapy can benefit your body:

Alleviation of anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem among people, nowadays. People are constantly busy in achieving things after things. While being busy all the time, people are not able to make time for their own mental peace. With a mind full of several things, even minor inconvenience or small failure can lead to a significant amount of anxiety. Getting massage therapy will relax your mind and you can start seeing things more clearly. This will ultimately lead to the alleviation of anxiety and better mental health.

Better sleep quality 

It is a common problem that people are not able to sleep properly or suffer from disorders like insomnia. Deep sleep is important for the better functioning of the mind and the body. Massage allows the nervous system to slow down which results in better sleep quality and deep sleep.

Sleep quality is important for the restoration of energy and you can find relief from several other problems that can arise due to poor sleep quality.

Fatigue relief

Fatigue generally happens when a person is constantly engaged in work and not able to sleep properly. Fatigue can lead to serious issues related to your mental and physical health. Massage can be helpful in fatigue relief and you can restart your life with new energy after the massage therapy.

Increased focus

It often gets difficult for us to focus on things going on around us, whether it is a meeting or a lesson. The reason behind lack of focus can be a tired mind. You can choose massage therapy for restoring your ability to focus.

These were some of the amazing ways in which massage therapy can benefit your body. To enjoy the significant benefits of massage therapy, hire the best therapist near your location.

Enjoy a Full Body Massage in Philadelphia with a Licensed Massage Therapist

A full body massage is a sheer bliss. It will relax you and help you unwind. I provide full body massage in Philadelphia and ensure you enjoy the benefits of it. My massage will not only relax you but also help your body detox and renew itself so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.


Benefits of Full Body Massage

Many clients want to know why they should opt for a full-body massage. You will be surprised to learn the numerous benefits this body massage in Philadelphia offers.


  • Refreshes Skin: I use fragrant and relaxing essential oils and lotions to gently massage the skin. This helps to boost circulation and makes the skin supple and moist. It also exfoliates the skin, allowing the new skin cells to come to the forefront.
  • Relaxes the Nervous System: If you lead a stressful life, you can benefit from full body massage in Philadelphia. Stress can leave the nerves and muscles tight, and a massage can knead out the tension. It will help balance your nervous system by decreasing the production of stress hormones and increasing the feel-good hormones. When the nervous system is in balance, you will feel healthier and sleep better.
  • Helps the Musculoskeletal System: A full body massage will boost blood circulation so that your muscles get the oxygen and nutrition they deserve. I use gentle yet firm motions to stretch the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to relax them and also given the TLC that they require.
  • Detoxification of the Lymphatic System: My massaging techniques drain the lymphatic system to reduce edema and improve the flow of sluggish lymph. This helps to detoxify the system and boost your immunity.
  • Superior Bone Health: Body massage in Philadelphia will help increase blood flow to the bones and that means they will get vital calcium and minerals to support bone health, strength, and function.
  • Improves Heart Health: Full body massage leads to vasodilation. As your cardiovascular system relaxes, it boosts circulation to the whole body. It also helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby helping to regulate your blood pressure as well as heart rate.


A full body massage will improve your digestion and ensure that the body breaks down the food and absorbs the nutrients better. Your entire digestive system will work in tandem for optimal digestion, keeping you energized, fit, and healthy.


Why Choose Advances Massage and Bodywork

As a board-certified massage therapist, I know what I am doing and always ensure my clients ensure relaxing and beneficial massage therapy. I possess more than 15 years of experience and I have mastered different techniques to offer you a wide variety of full-body massages.


My private practice is centrally located and you will find that accessibility is never an issue. Spending time with a massage therapist who truly cares about your health and wellbeing is something you should take advantage of.


Contact me today to schedule an appointment for a full body massage and discover the magic I weave with my fingers. You will feel energized and refreshed after the session.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Therapeutic Massage?

Stress and its side effects can have a significant impact on your general health, especially in a city as busy as Philadelphia. Irritability, sleeplessness, muscle tension, high blood pressure, and heart disease are just a few of the signs and illnesses that stress can induce. Fortunately, there is an effective method of reducing stress and all of its unpleasant indications and effects – therapeutic massage.

Stress contributes to or worsens a wide range of health issues, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Skin conditions

Chronic stress weakens the immune system, making you more vulnerable to practically all illnesses, including cancer.

Receiving a healing hands therapeutic massage can help you greatly if you struggle with stress, anxiety, and certain medical ailments. A massage eases tension, alleviates joint and muscular discomfort, and increases blood flow and circulation.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your massage therapy session so you can benefit from the therapeutic effects.

  1. Be informative

Your therapist will be able to understand exactly what is going on before they even talk to you if you fill out a health history form before your session. Additionally, it enables them to conduct preliminary research to be as prepared as possible when they conduct their initial evaluation.

  1. Give specifics

Be prepared to describe your concern in detail. Your massage therapist can better tailor the treatment to meet your difficulties if they have more information. In order to give you the best treatment possible, your therapist may ask you several questions. In the long run, it will help you reach your healthcare objectives more quickly.

  1. Talk to your therapist.

Understand that the massage therapist will not only focus on a treatment area or dysfunction but also on the region causing the problem, even if it does not appear to be the source of the problem.

In most circumstances, an injury, discomfort, or rigidity is not limited to a single location. It is crucial to address contributing factors to fix and prevent the problem from recurring. If you’re unsure, ask your therapist what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

  1. Be attentive

After the massage, pay attention to the information and home care exercises the massage therapist gives you. The hands-on therapy is only half of the recovery process. Home care exercise and adjustment are equally crucial when addressing issues and ensuring they don’t happen again. Your massage therapist can help you get back on track, but you must do the walking.

  1. Schedule your next appointment.

In most cases, more than one treatment is required to resolve your problem. Booking your next appointment with your therapist will ensure you receive therapy following your therapist’s treatment plan.

Your progress will be slower if you wait too long between sessions because the massage therapist will have to start over every time they treat you.

Healing hands therapeutic massage can assist in reducing and eliminating chronic stress and rapidly relieving its symptoms.

Select a fully trained and registered massage therapist to reap the full benefits of a therapeutic massage. So, before scheduling your first appointment, you should educate yourself on how to find a Massage Therapist.

Justin Shelley is a highly skilled health care practitioner specializing in therapeutic massage, as well as Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone Massage, and several other techniques. Contact them today to get the best healing hands therapeutic massage.

Is Deep Tissue Massage Worth Your Money?

After a hectic week in the office, all you can envision is having a great massage and how it will dust off your stress. Isn’t it? We all think the same! Given that, however, your spouse’s hands aren’t enough to match the expertise of a professional massage therapist.

So, why not consider getting a deep tissue massage from us? Believe us; you will feel light and relaxed. A deep tissue massage is one of the best and most effective tools to unwind one’s mind and body.

If you are still unsure, below we have compiled some perks of deep tissue massage. But before we move on to that, let’s quickly comprehend what deep tissue massage is all about.

What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?

First and foremost, it is crucial to understand the difference between a deep tissue massage and other massages. When it comes to a deep tissue massage, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is therapeutic!

With this massage, it is easy to target your tensed muscle tissues that build-ups from stress and poor exercise. In comparison to your other relaxing massages, deep tissue needs more pressure. Just comprehend one thing- post your deep tissue massage, you will breathe a sigh of relief!

The Four Unbeatable Advantages of Deep Tissue Massage:

  1. Help Lower Your Blood Pressure:

A deep tissue massage targets the deepest layer of the tissue on your body, eventually boosting blood flow. According to some recent studies, people who are regular massages have a great impact on their systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial blood pressure readings.

  1. Fight That Chronic Back Pain:

Whether you know it or not, a good deep tissue massage also helps in reducing back pain. A 2014 study from the Scientific World Journal found that deep tissue massages lessen pain in individuals with chronic symptoms better than pain-relief ointments and tablets.’

  1. Break up That Scar Tissue:

Well, scarring is natural! Hey, have you ever scratched at a scab, and then a couple of days later it was a white scar? If yes, then that’s your skin healing!

A deep tissue massages help in tearing down your internal and external scar tissues and assists muscles in recovering at a faster rate. Individuals with burn scars discovered that the massage therapy outcomes in less pain and itching and a decrease in their scar thickness.

  1. Athletic Rehabilitation:

For people who have athletic kids, the deep tissue massage is extremely important. Professional athletes are more prone to muscle injury and soreness.

Coaches, athletes, and professionals in sports lessen muscle tension and have a boosted sense of well-being.


When it comes to curing chronic aches and pains, deep tissue massage is one of the widely used and popular forms of massage therapy. This technique precisely targets tension areas by applying deepening pressure to muscle layers and fascia- the connective tissue that surrounds the body muscles.

We hope the above-mentioned pointers are enough to make you understand whether you should invest in deep tissue massage therapy or not. For more preference, please feel free to contact us now.

Will Sports Massage Help Me Prepare For Events?

Sports massage is often said to be effective after the event. It means athletes should visit a massage therapist for a sports massage after the sports event or competition gets over to relax and recover from injuries. After the event ends, sports massage helps the injured area or muscles to get back to normal and make things fine.

Sports massage helps in recovery after the event and it’s very true and scientifically proven. But, not many people know that sports massage helps before the event as well. It means sports massage helps the athletes to prepare for the event. So, the athletes should look for a sports massage therapist both before and after the event.


How does sports massage help in event preparation?

A sports massage before the event benefits both physically and psychologically. But, make sure you don’t consider it as a replacement for your training session for the event. The training and the massage therapy go hand in hand.

Physically, the sports massage will boost circulation and improve blood flow to the muscles, which will help them to benefit from the effects of training. Other than this, the sports massage will loosen up the joints and improve the range of movement. This will prevent you from locking up and potentially causing injury.

Psychologically, the sports massage will help you feel more ready for the event. With muscle boost, the confidence in you will increase and the feeling will be different.

If you get hurt during strenuous exercise or training sessions, the sports massage will help you recover. Also, the massage will help you treat the problems quickly and efficiently that occurred during the training so that you don’t face any problems in the event.


How does the sports massage feel?

The feel of sports massage is different for different people because it depends on their daily routines. It’s not necessary that the session has to be painful to be effective.

If your muscles are tight because of long sitting hours or frequent visits to the gym, you will experience some discomfort during the massage. As many therapists adjust the massage techniques, you might not feel the pain at all.

Many people think sports massage is painful. But, actually, it’s the result of the routine that you follow in your daily life. If you are active in your daily life and not just during the events, massage therapy will be comfortable for you.


How frequently should sports massage be taken?

There is no standard time or frequency for sports massage. It depends on three major factors- your condition, the amount and type of exercise you do, and your personal preference. Other than this, the number of sessions depends on the recommendation of the therapist. The therapist will see and evaluate your condition after one or two sessions and advise accordingly for future sessions.

As it’s about preparing for an event, the number of sessions will be a bit more than other times.

Sports massage will help you prepare for the event but only if you take it at the right time and by the right therapist. To find the therapist, search “sports therapist near me” on the internet and book the appointment.

What Is Lomi Lomi Massage with Its Benefit?

It’s common for people to hear about Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and aromatherapy. However, Lomi Lomi massage is something that we don’t hear in daily life. You will find only a few massage therapists who are highly skilled in delivering the therapeutic experience of holistic Lomi Lomi massage. In this blog, we will help you understand what this massage exactly is, what benefits it offers, and if it’s worth it.

What Is Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi massage is considered a part of traditional Hawaiian medicinal therapy that is performed with the sole aim of creating a balance between your mind, body, emotion, and spirit. During this massage, the massage therapist moves his/her hands in long flowing motions instead of working on one part of the body at a time.

While massaging, the therapist takes an ample amount of oil and predominantly uses forearms and the hands in a fluid rhythmic motion like cascading waves and focuses on covering various parts of the body at once. Since our brain can’t focus on two different areas at the same time, it simply gives in to the nourishing touch and starts feeling deeply relaxed and calm.

Traditionally, Lomi Lomi massage also involves chanting of prayers in the beginning. Besides, massage therapists also add music to enrich the experience and impart a soothing feeling.

The term “Lomi” means to knead, rub, soothe, or work in and out similar to the paws of a contented cat. According to experts, Lomi can also mean “to take and turn” i.e. to achieve the sacred shift within you, that is inspired by the healing kahuna. That’s why it is called twice – Lomi Lomi to show the emphasis. This massage is also spelled as lomilomi.

Even though the practice of Lomi Lomi massage was spread to the world through Hawaiian tourism, it is said to be brought to Hawaii by early Polynesians.

What are the benefits of Lomi Lomi massage?

Before booking massage therapy sessions for a particular massage, it is natural to question what benefits it’s going to offer you. So, if you are wondering how Lomi Lomi massage can be beneficial for you, we have enlisted here the top benefits of this massage therapy. Let’s check out.

  • Bring harmony to your mind, body, and emotions
  • Calm your mind and make you feel fully relaxed
  • Release emotional tension and instill a sense of overall wellbeing
  • Improve blood circulation and lymph movement across the body
  • Dissolve and remove toxin buildup in the tissues
  • Alleviate the pain in muscles and expand the range of motion
  • Boost the healing process of your body by improving your immune response
  • Make the skin healthy, glowing, and smooth

It’s also common for professional massage therapists to ask their clients to pray, meditate, and/or change their diets, especially if the massage is being received as a part of the health improvement process.

Given the benefits of Lomi Lomi massage, it’s absolutely worth your time and money. As Lomi Lomi massage can offer you enhanced nourishment, relaxation, and calmness and improve your overall wellbeing, you are going to certainly appreciate its therapeutic and healing experience.

20 Reasons Why Runners & Weightlifters Must Receive Sports Massage | Justin Shelley

Optimize Your Athletic Performance, Recover Faster, and Enjoy Best Results

Are you a runner, weight lifter, athlete, or sports professional? If yes, you are most probably familiar with the fact that pulled muscles, joint sprains, and injuries are common in your profession. Repetitive movements and strenuous exercises make your muscles sore and tensed on daily basis. Justin Shelley, a renowned licensed sports massage therapist in Philadelphia, can help you reach the peak of your performance and heal quicker.

What is Athletic Sports Massage?

Athletic sports massage is specifically tailored for professional and amateur athletes of all kinds to prepare their body for repetitive and vigorous physical training and heal at a faster rate. It involves manipulating soft tissues to release the tension, improve athletic performance, recover from sustained injuries rapidly, and make the body more enduring and less prone to possible injuries.

Soft tissues that make up our tendons, ligaments, muscles, and other parts are more prone to injuries and lesions when a person undergoes intensive physical training. Hence, any injury or stress buildup in soft tissues greatly impacts the performance of an athlete.

For instance, runners are subject to extreme muscular damage in the lower body due to the impact of their feet hitting the ground for hours. Similarly, weightlifters suffer shoulder, knee, and back problems due to the force exerted on these parts by huge amounts of weight they lift on regular basis for longer periods.

Sports massage therapy is one of the most-effective ways to optimize their physical performance. Do you want to know why?

Top 20 Reasons Why Every Athletic Professional Must Seek Sports Massage Therapy

  1. Release the muscle tension and soreness that builds up due to repetitive movements
  2. Alleviate the pain caused by muscle spasms
  3. Help get relief from joints sprains
  4. Increase joint range of motion and your mobility
  5. Improve the flexibility of your body parts
  6. Boost the healing and repair process of damaged tissues
  7. Help recover from injuries faster
  8. Slow down the neurological excitability and make your nerves feel more relaxed
  9. Help manage pain caused by sports injuries and sudden movements
  10. Help deal with hormonal changes faced by female athletes
  11. Make athletes feel relaxed and less exhausted at the end of the day
  12. Help you handle game-day jitters
  13. Improve sleep that make you feel well-rested & more focused on your training and game
  14. Help prevent possible injuries
  15. Reverse the negative side effects associated with repetitive movements like running
  16. Reduce stress levels by releasing the “feel good” endorphins
  17. Improve the circulation of blood and supply of oxygen and nutrients
  18. May increase hip flexion by more than 10 degrees
  19. Help remove metabolites and toxins by improving lymphatic drainage
  20. Maximize the physical conditioning of your body that lead to enhanced performance

When sports massage therapy offers so many benefits, it would not be wrong to say that sports massage therapy is a must for every individual from athletic and sports background no matter if they are amateur/professional athlete or sports players.

You can receive athletic sports massage therapy at different times depending on your goals, needs, and any injuries you have:

  • Before training
  • After training
  • During training
  • During rehabilitation

If you also want to feel calmer, reach the peak of your athletic performance, and boost your recovery process, schedule your appointment for sports massage with one of the Philadelphia’s best sports massage therapists – Justin Shelley now.

How Is Decompression Therapy Different From the Original Cupping Method?

For decompression therapy, the therapist uses specialized cups to create negative pressure. This is why people avoid this therapy. They have a fear that the cups will cause splotchy marks on the skin just like it happens in the original cupping method. And the marks will spoil their overall look. But this doesn’t happen in decompression therapy.

Why decompression therapy doesn’t leave cupping marks behind?

Unlike the original cupping method, the specialized cups used in decompression therapy are not just placed on the affected areas. The cups are glided over the affected area slowly and smoothly. Due to the regular movement of the cups, the decompression therapy doesn’t leave cupping marks behind. There is no pressure built in one place, keeping the skin safe from the marks.

This is how decompression therapy is different from the original cupping method.

Other important things to know about decompression therapy 

How does decompression therapy work?

As already mentioned, the suction of the cup creates negative pressure, alleviating the weight from a spot in the body. In simple words, the pain areas feel light because of the negative pressure created by the suction cup.

Due to the negative pressure, the blood flows much faster. The faster flow of the blood causes the muscle to receive more stimulation.

More stimulation means better delivery of the nutrients and oxygen found in the blood to the part of the body being massaged. Simply stated, the massaged area/ pain area receives a substantial amount of nutrients and oxygen, which weren’t possible due to poor blood flow and stagnant muscle and skin.

With the required delivery of the nutrients and oxygen, the body starts healing itself, tissues get repaired and visible improvements are seen. This reduces the pain in the affected area.

For what health problems decompression therapy is advised?

Decompression therapy is a full-body service, which means it benefits all body parts and all types of health issues. But, majorly, people schedule an appointment for decompression therapy to get relief from headaches, and back pain and to reduce mental fatigue. Along with these health problems, decompression therapy complements many other massage modalities offered by the therapist.

Is decompression therapy new?

This is very interesting. Earlier, we said that people avoid decompression therapy because of cupping marks that happen in the original cupping method. But, many people avoid this therapy because they think it’s a new technique. There is no such strong piece of evidence related to the therapy.

This is the biggest misconception that people have regarding decompression therapy. The practice of decompression therapy dates way back to 3000 years. The Egyptians used negative pressure as a primary healing methodology.

How safe is decompression therapy?

As decompression therapy is a non-surgical procedure (without chemicals and injections), it provides effective relief without any risks and negative effects. It’s soothing, and quick with no recovery time. Most importantly, decompression therapy is FDA-approved.

Where should you go for decompression therapy in Philadelphia?

Whether you want decompression therapy for the full body or a targeted body part, you should contact Justin Shelly. He even provides decompression therapy as a complementary massage with other types of massage. He is a licensed massage therapist in Philadelphia.

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