How to Prepare for Your First Thai Massage Session?

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Thai massage is one of the most popular types of massage in the world and with good reason – it’s relaxing, it gets right to the source of your pain, and it’s incredibly therapeutic (and effective).

If you are looking to try out Thai massage in Philadelphia for the first time, here are some tips on how to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Wear Loose and Comfortable Clothing

Wear loose and comfortable clothing so that the masseuse can move around easily. Avoid tight fitting clothing and jackets as these will restrict movement and make it difficult for the massage therapist to work on your back and shoulders. Put your long hair up in a bun before going for a massage.

Eat Light Before Massage

It’s a good idea to eat lightly before your session because you don’t want anything heavy in your stomach that may affect the effectiveness of your massage. You should not drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol in the hours leading up to your appointment.

Make Home Stretching

It’s a good idea to do some home stretching before your session. This will help loosen muscles and joints, so you can get the most out of the massage. It might also be a good idea to drink plenty of water before your session, as dehydration can make your muscles tense up.

Hydrate Before & After Session

Drink lots of water before and after your massage session. Getting a massage can make you feel dehydrated, so be sure to drink a lot of water. The more hydrated your body is, the better and longer you’ll enjoy your massage. Be kind to your body and make sure it’s getting enough fluids by drinking plenty of water.

Breathe Normally

One of the most important things you can do before a massage is to breathe. Deep breathing will help you feel more relaxed and it will also help your massage therapist work out any knots that might be hiding in your muscles. When you’re on the table, don’t forget to keep breathing!

Relax before, during, and after massage

It is important to take time in your day before and after massage. To properly relax before your session, make sure you have eaten a healthy meal and taken care of any business that may be on your mind. During the massage, try not to think about anything besides the present moment. After your session, it is vital that you drink plenty of fluids and rest up with some light stretching or reading.


If you are looking forward to trying a Thai massage session, it is important that you prepare well before your appointment. Make note of the tips above and you will be guaranteed maximum benefits during your massage session. Still looking for the best Thai massage in Philadelphia? Get an appointment from Justin Shelley – A Licensed Massage Therapist you can trust..

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