Strategies I Follow to Give Every Client Their Best Massage

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As a massage therapist, I have a simple guiding principle – I want every client to walk out thinking, “That was the best massage I’ve ever had.” Not just an average massage, but the absolute best. To achieve this goal every session, I have several key strategies that guide my approach from start to finish.

For me, everything starts with asking appropriate questions to clients. From their intention for the massage to their previous massage experience (if they have any), I ask everything when clients book an appointment with us at Massage Philadelphia.

I Ask these “3 Questions” Early

In our initial consultation, I ask every new client a couple key questions to position the coming massage for success:

  1. Have you had a professional massage before and if so, what did you like or not like about the experience? Learning your likes and dislikes guides my technique selections and settings.
  1. What is the primary goal of today’s massage – pure relaxation, targeted pain relief, or both? Once I know the overall intention, I can structure the flow accordingly.
  1. Do you prefer a 50/50 blend of relaxation and pain relief, or are you more biased towards one versus the other? I show a simple percentage spectrum for clients to indicate the ideal ratio.

Based on these answers, I have clarity on how to best customize the session around your personal preferences and needs so every technique brings you your dream massage.

I Design a Customized Massage Routine

Armed with a clear understanding of what you want and need from our intake chat, I suggest a specialized massage plan catered to you.

Do you prefer to start facing up or down?

How should we sequence muscle groups and when do you want to address “problem areas” versus zones for pure relaxation?

I describe a tailored roadmap and gain your approval before we begin, welcoming any tweaks. Sticking to this customized flow positions me to deliver incredibly satisfying results.

I Consistently Monitor Pressure and Concentration

As I work through the agreed-upon massage sequence, I intermittently check in to ensure I’m still providing the right experience. I ask clarifying questions like “How does the pressure feel?” or “Should I spend more time on X area vs. Y area?” With regular check-ins, I can recalibrate my approach in the moment to keep revealing new layers of tension relief for you.

I Perform with Continual Intentionality

Each massage technique I use is delivered intentionally to meet a specific need for you, per our consultation and roadmap. I never fall into “auto-pilot mode,” relying on the same generic routine with every client.

Even simple effleurage strokes have therapeutic purposes. My consistency lies in the vigilance with which I customize. I execute that tailored plan with complete concentration until you are fully satisfied, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

The more you communicate, the better I can give you an incredible experience. Contact us at +1-267-252-7658 or book an appointment with us. My aim is for you to walk out enthusiastically, telling friends that was truly the best massage you’ve gotten.

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