Hot Stone Massage Therapy: Effective Against Several Chronic Conditions

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

For thousands of years, people have had their aches and pains rubbed away. One of the earliest forms of pain relief was massage. It helped release soreness and encouraged well-being and peace.

That’s why people yearn for a good back rub after a long, hectic day; one style of massage in particular: the hot stone massage. Hot stone massage therapy has always been a part of physical and mental healing and emotional balance.

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

It is a type of therapy that uses flat, smooth, heated basalt stone and handles specialized techniques to treat several health problems in your body. Basalt stones are used in this massage therapy because they have a high iron content that retains heat.

On the other hand, stone-like cold marble is also used in hot stone therapy to detoxify and heal the body. Hot stone massage can free up the tensed muscles and give a relaxed feel to your body.

During the Hot Stone Massage, the therapist can position the stone on:

  • Your back
  • Your stomach
  • Your face
  • Palms
  • Chest
  • Legs and other extremities
  • Feet and toes

What are the Healing Benefits of this Medical Massage?

According to a study, massage is effective against various illnesses and chronic conditions. Here is a list of some of the conditions that hot stone massage can help treat:

  1. Fibromyalgia

It is a disorder that results in a feeling of chronic, widespread pain throughout the body. Even a 30-minute hot stone massage can benefit people with fibromyalgia. It does so by lowering the levels of substance P, which is partially responsible for the sensation of pain. Massage can also help them sleep better and reduce their trigger points.

  1. Arthritis

After one session of hot stone massage therapy, patients with arthritis will notice a better grip strength, improved range of motion, and less pain.

  1. Back Pain

If you experience back pain, you should go for a hot stone massage, as it can help manage the pain better than acupuncture and spinal modification.

  1. Anxiety

When you’re stressed out, your body will produce a hormone called cortisol. Hot stone massage can lower cortisol levels by 50%. It also enhances endorphins, the hormones that elevate our mood and induce feelings of happiness.

  1. High Blood Pressure

Medical massage can help decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and muscular tension. After a 30-minute hot stone massage, there will be a reduction in your blood pressure and cortisol levels.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Medical Massage?

Firstly, you should not eat immediately before your appointment. Your body will relax better if it is not actively digesting food. What you should do is drink a lot water both before and after the massage. You can also consume herbal tea, as it is excellent for hydrating the body.

During massage therapy, refrain from using your phone. You don’t want to have your relaxation period interrupted.

Experience the Bliss and the Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

Hot stone massage can provide a positive way to care for your body, leaving you feeling calmer and more strengthened. Getting a massage is an enjoyable experience, and it also safely promotes good health and self-care.

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