Do My Massages Cause Pain?

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It all depends on the type of massage you want.

A relaxing massage should never be painful. The goal of a “Swedish” or relaxation massage should be to accomplish just that. You should feel fully relaxed as if you’re floating on cloud 9, or “massage intoxicated.”

Deep Tissue massage, on the other hand, could be a whole other circumstance. Deep Tissue massage is usually required for persons who have pain or stiffness in trouble areas. Most people who have had a deep tissue massage have probably had a “no pain, no gain” massage therapist who informed them that they needed to push as hard as they could to loosen up their muscles, regardless of how much agony they were in in in causing you.


I’m a massage therapist who believes that if your nervous system believes your body is in danger, you won’t be able to rest. Because everyone has their unique “pain” threshold, my approach to Deep Tissue massage differs from person to person. We all know family members or acquaintances who never seem to get cold, no matter how cold it gets outside. Outside, they’re dressed in shorts and a T-shirt while everyone else is dressed in slacks, a sweater, a coat, and a beanie. How can they accomplish it while avoiding the “pain” of the cold, snowy weather? How can someone who likes spicy food deal with the “pain” that comes with it? What about massage in particular? Why do some individuals enjoy getting a thorough, elbow-in-the-back massage while others can’t stand it? It’s because “pain” is a relative term for each person, and some “pain” thresholds may be managed, manipulated, and adjusted.

While I’m freeing your soft tissue, fascia, and musculature, most people will experience “moderate pain.” Your muscle is already in pain or stiff, and the mild discomfort you experience during my massage will eventually alleviate the agony you were experiencing when you first arrived at my studio.

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