How Massage Helps Address the Effects of Prolonged Sitting

Massage therapy by Justin Shelley

In today’s modern world, many of us spend the majority of our waking hours sitting – whether at a desk job, during our commute, or relaxing at home. While rest is important, too much sitting can negatively impact our health in numerous ways, which you can address through massage therapy.

Prolonged sitting forces our bodies into static positions that go against our natural tendency to move and be active. Over time, this can restrict blood flow, limit nutrient and oxygen delivery, decrease mobility, contribute to poor posture, and more. Essentially, the human body is designed to move – not sit for extended periods of time.

Research shows the health risks of prolonged sitting. It can contribute to issues like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression, osteoporosis, and even cancer risks.

Get Massage Therapy to Counteract the Effects of Prolonged Sitting

The good news is that getting regular massage therapy, along with moderate exercise and stretching, can help address and relieve many issues caused by too much sitting. Therapeutic massage offers numerous benefits:

Improved Circulation and Mobility

When we sit for a long time, blood flow can decrease in certain areas of the body. Massage helps boost circulation by increasing blood and lymph flow. The massage therapist uses techniques like effleurage, petrissage, and friction to physically move blood through congested areas and stagnant tissues. Enhanced circulation delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients throughout the body while flushing away metabolic waste. This helps address fatigue, numbness, and swelling.

Massage also releases muscle tension caused by prolonged positions. Shortened muscles and connective tissue can restrict joint mobility and range of motion over time. By kneading and manipulating the muscles, massage lengthens tissues and enhances flexibility. This allows easier, freer movement throughout the body.

Better Posture

Sitting improperly for extended periods often leads to poor posture. We tend to hunch our shoulders, crane our necks forward, and collapse our lower backs. Massage therapy helps address postural imbalances by targeting tense areas and freeing restrictions. It loosens tight muscles in the hips, chest, and spine which pull parts of the body out of alignment. This makes it easier to maintain good posture and spinal health.

Relief from Back and Sciatic Pain

Deteriorating posture along with the gravitational pull on the spine often causes lower back pain. And sciatic nerve pain can flare up when nearby muscles become tense. Massage therapy alleviates this discomfort and prevents future problems. The massage therapist will focus on releasing tight tissues around the lower back and hips. This takes pressure off pinched nerves while stabilizing the area through increased mobility.

Hormonal Balance and Mood Boost

Prolonged sitting increases the risk for anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. This may stem largely from imbalanced hormone levels. Sitting for long hours has been shown to increase stress hormones like cortisol while decreasing “happy hormones” such as endorphins. Massage therapy helps stabilize hormones and neurochemicals. Kneading tense muscles sparks the release of endorphins which boost mood naturally. Meanwhile, lowering cortisol reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

The Next Step

In today’s technology-driven world, avoiding excessive sitting can be challenging. But integrating regular massage sessions goes a long way. If you’re dealing with any issues related to prolonged sitting, consider book a massage session with Justin Shelley – a licensed and board-certified massage therapist with a strong educational background.

Justin Shelley holds a Master of Science in Biology and Physiology degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. He specializes in bodywork and advanced massage techniques, such as neuromuscular, Myokinesthetic, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point therapy, athletic sports massage, and medical massages.

Massage therapy by Justin Shelley can help mitigate prolonged sitting’s effects by realigning posture, enhancing mobility, decreasing pain, and more. Your body will thank you!

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