Understanding Text Neck and Its Health Implications

text neck and its health implications

Do you find yourself always hunched over my phone scrolling or staring at my laptop screen typing? We’re all guilty of poor posture and strained necks from tech use – and we have all joked about dealing with what experts are calling “text neck.” 

But text neck is no laughing matter. Spending endless hours craned over screens can seriously impact the spine’s natural alignment and lead to chronic health issues if we aren’t careful. We usually take our musculoskeletal health for granted, assuming that we can bounce back from anything. But neglecting text neck could set us up for a rough time in the future. 

When our necks are stuck in that unnatural forward hunch for extended periods day after day, our entire spines are under extra pressure. This strains supporting muscles and ligaments over time, leading to debilitating stiffness, decreased mobility, throbbing headaches, and nonstop pain.  

Also, dealing with constant discomfort can cause psychological effects – reduced energy, poor sleep, and just feeling “off” mentally. Our fast-paced modern lifestyle already leaves many struggling to decompress – add in postural pain and no wonder we have a mental health crisis! 

This is especially true for teens and college students since their days already involve hours of device use for school work. Text neck worsens the stress they’re under, both academically and socially.  

Targeted Massage Techniques To The Rescue! 

Luckily, there are proven ways to both relieve existing text neck symptoms and address the root postural problems before things go too far. A passionate licensed massage therapist with intense training in musculoskeletal alignment and restoration, like Justin Shelley, can help you with your text neck issue. 

The hands of a trained massage therapist can find every tiny knot in your overly tensed trapezius and sore cervical muscles. Their specific techniques, like neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release, gently work on the tightened tissues to let go of built-up tension and scar tissue.  

With the right massage therapist, you will be able to finally rotate your head fluidly without sharp pulling sensations! And with a maintenance massage every month, any new tight spots can be fixed as they pop up.  

The Healing Powers of Bodywork for Text Neck Troubles 

Most of us deal with endless neck, head, and spine tension without realizing massage therapy is a great option for both relief and long-term spinal wellness. We take pain pills or apply topical CBD cream when things get tough, but massage combined with conscious postural correction can truly help get us out of the chronic pain cycles. 

Justin Shelly, a male massage therapist in Philadelphia, uses slow, targeted techniques that relax the overworked muscles and improve the range of motion over time. It helps release mental and muscle tension because physical and emotional stress can show up in places like the neck and shoulders. 

Improving text neck requires a customized treatment plan combining multiple massage methods like deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and stretching. Each technique plays a role in soothing irritated nerves, realigning musculoskeletal imbalances, and retraining poor postural habits.  

Through a comprehensive approach, massage therapy succeeds where other options fall short. Medications manage pain temporarily but ignore the root issue of postural misalignment.  

Embrace A Balanced Body Through Customized Care 

If you currently suffer from text neck pain and stiffness, explore professional massage for healing. Justin Shelley has immense expertise in gently realigning even severely tense necks and shoulders over time.  

You deserve to feel comfortable while working and living in this modern world. Justin’s mission is to support every client in achieving sustainable musculoskeletal health so they can follow their passions without pain or limitations! 

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