Should I Postpone Workout For A Day After Massage Therapy?

Both massage and exercise are important for a healthy lifestyle. You shouldn’t drop any of them from your daily schedule. But, you should keep a perfect balance between the both.

Post massage, people often feel limber and spry and think heading straight to the gym will help them get out of the same. And they will feel better. But, certified massage therapists recommend taking a gap of a day after massage therapy, especially if you have undergone deep tissue massage.

In this post, we will explain why hitting a gym immediately after the massage is not good and you should postpone it for at least 24-hours.

Higher chance of becoming dehydrated

Massage vigorously works on your muscles and increases circulation. As a result, your body uses water at a faster rate and requires more water than normal.

If you work out immediately after the massage, it won’t be easy to fulfill the excessive water demand of your body. And thus, you will become dehydrated. Even if you try your best, you and your body will not feel satisfied and the urge of drinking will always be there.

To avoid dehydration, you should drink water and give your body some time to recover. After proper recovery, you can sweat it out as much as you want in the gym.

Aggravate Delayed onset muscle soreness ( DOMS)

One of the common effects of massage is delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS because certified massage therapists manipulate and work on the muscles. Chances are that you might not suffer from DOMS post-massage therapy.

If you get delayed onset muscle soreness, especially with intense pain, you should forget your gym for a day. It’s seen that immediately hitting the gym with DOMS from massage aggravates the condition. The pain intensity will be a lot more than normal. Chances are that you might experience pain for more than a day or two.

Potentially strains the muscles 

After massage therapy, the flexibility of the muscles and connective tissue increases. In other words, they become gel-like.

Flexibility is good for you and your body but not for performing high-intensity exercise immediately after the massage therapy. Your body becomes vulnerable to injuries while it’s in a post-massage state. Also, muscles and tissues get strained.

What should I do if postponing the workout is difficult?

For many people, a day is incomplete without exercise. No matter how busy they are, they find time to visit the gym and complete the workout schedule. If you are one of them, then you have two options.

  • Workout before your massage therapy
  • Do some light exercises

Working out before massage will help you reduce muscle soreness by reducing inflammation. Also, it will reduce your recovery time by speeding up cell recovery. But, make sure you take the massage therapy as soon as possible after the workout.

Talking about the types of exercise, you should avoid running, weight-lifting, high-intensity aerobics, and power yoga and prefer moderate walking, gentle stretching, and easy-paced swimming.

For other queries related to post-massage care, ask your certified massage therapist in Philadelphia.

The 5 Reasons to Become a Massage Therapist

Parents often get cautious when their children think of taking up a career other than a doctor, engineer, or any other professional post. They feel their children will reach nowhere and lead an unsuccessful life. There will be no money, no fame, and life will be full of problems.

But is it true? Is there nothing left other than becoming a doctor or engineer? Absolutely, not.

It’s always said, “Do what you love”. A professional course will not only lead you to success. There are many other options open for you. There are career options that will give you success as well as satisfaction. Also, you will enjoy your life to the fullest. You just need to understand the non-professional streams and choose the one for which your heart says Yes.

As a certified massage therapist with over fifteen years of experience in the industry, I would like to discuss a career as a massage therapist. I will explain why you should become a licensed massage therapist in Philadelphia. It’s a different and self-satisfactory job.

You will get the opportunity to help others 

In almost every job profile, people help others and earn from them. But as a massage therapist, things will be completely different. It will be just like a doctor where you will work closely with your clients. You will know about their health conditions and suffering and try to resolve them all successfully. In other words, you will be emotionally attached to your clients. Your help as a massage therapist will be remembered forever because you will allow people to come out from their chronic health problems.

You can start your career quickly 

There is no wait for delivering service and earning in this industry. As soon as you graduate from college, you can do the job or start a spa clinic right away. You do not need add-on practice or work experience under massage experts. It’s because in most of the massage therapy schools, teachers provide lots of hands-on training. You will be trained in multiple massage therapy techniques, which will be enough to get practical experience and start working.

You will get a variety of work environments

As a licensed massage therapist, your work location isn’t defined strictly. You can work in a massage clinic, either privately-owned or under an employer. If you do not wish to work within the four walls of the clinic and for the stipulated time, you can travel to the client’s home and treat them. You can even choose exotic locations like hot tourist spots, resorts, cruise ships. They will pay you in huge figures and give you different opportunities to enjoy yourself.

You will have a flexible schedule 

Just like location, you will have a flexible schedule as a massage therapist. If you are planning to be self-employed, you can set your own schedule. It means you can work wherever you like. You can opt for part-time or full-time work. Also, you can schedule appointments keeping all the obligations in mind. In simple words, it will easy for you to keep a perfect balance between personal and professional life.

You will stay stress-free

Massage therapy is highly demanded. In most chronic health issues, doctors prefer massage therapy as an add-on treatment. Sometimes, massage works better than medicines. So it will be easy for you to get the clients. You do not have to find leads, answer the phones for different queries or sell your service on different platforms to get attention from people. If your service is good, people will themselves come to get treated from you.

Now you very well know the reasons to become a massage therapist. So will you consider this position for your career future? If yes, then convince your parents soon and join the best massage therapy college.

Choose the best massage therapist and give your body the little love it deserves!

Massage is just not a luxury, but a way to live a happy life!


Well, it’s true to the core that finding the right massage therapist in the town is utterly excruciating. However, the procedure of deciding which therapist to choose doesn’t have to be intricated. All you need to ensure is that you have counterbalanced all the essential things and ready to put your little effort into schooling yourself. In this write-up, we have tried to cover the maximum number of things that might help you in locating the best massage therapist in Philadelphia. Keep reading to know more. 


Imperative factors to Consider-


1. Comprehend Your Needs: The initial step towards locating the best massage therapist in Philadelphia is- understands what sort of massage you want. Whether it’s a sports massage, deep tissue, or relaxation massage? Many individuals prefer to have a massage session at their homes for utmost solace, while others choose a therapist’s office to have their sessions. However, when it is about mood or typical ambiance or setting, most of the humans who just want to have an unwinding massage session choose to have it in spas. On the flip side to this, those who take massage as part of their medical treatment usually prefer to have their sessions in a therapist’s office.


2. Take References: Do you know anyone who goes out for taking a regular massage? It would be wiser if you ask them where they go, how fruitful their experience is, and so on. Another apt source for taking a reference is your healthcare specialists. They are the ones who have a pool of contacts of well-versed massage therapists. So, prior to you make any decision, ensure to ask around. This will give you an apt idea about which therapist to choose. 


3. Screen Education Background: Prior to you take an appointment, always read about the therapists, their education, the success rate, etc. On the off chance, if you are dealing with an autoimmune disease or looking to have a sports massage, your therapist ought to be specialized in treating your conditions. Also, it is crucial to ask how long he has been in this business.


4. Contemplate Location: When it is about finding the best massage therapist in Philadelphia, it is crucial to search nearby your location. Distance plays a great role in deciding whether to take up a massage session or not. In case you liked the first session of your massage you had with your therapist and willing to incorporate routine massage, would you be able to spare time and travel? Think, and then make any decision. Remember, haste is always a waste! 


All in all, what matters the most is – your therapist should understand your needs and have no other agenda except to help you feel better. So, choose wisely! In case you need help, contact us hassle-freely. 

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