No Place for Body Shaming on my Massage Table

If you’ve been on social media recently or even read the news, you’ve probably come across thousands of people posting stories or photos of themselves innocently only to find that they have been body-shamed about their weight, looks, hair, or even clothing choices – you name it. This doesn’t only happen to us but celebrities as well are under the pressure of looking their best at all times and need to keep up with the latest beauty trends and hacks for fear of getting criticized on national TV. But it’s not just women who are treated in this way, actors who let themselves go a little or swap their famous muscular physique for a so-called dad-bod are body shamed and splayed all over magazines which makes it even tougher and more stressful for them.

Online Body Shaming

This just goes to prove that body shaming can happen to anyone, regardless of your designation, stature, sex, or size. Many people who are body shamers aren’t perfect either and strive to bring down other people simply to feel better about themselves. With the advancement of the internet, these body-shamers can now hide behind anonymity and post hurtful messages and comments even if they are millions of miles away. While some people are supremely confident in themselves and don’t care about what others think, others still feel hurt about negative comments and even though they may try to change the subject, it’s only human to experience hurt feelings, especially when being judged for who you are.

Helping Clients Towards Body Positivity

Being a massage therapist, I have clients from every walk of life coming in for a body massage and each person is unique and different in their way. Clients will share their struggles, pain, and happiness with us and open up their hearts about the way that other people made them feel unloved or were critical towards their size.

With magazines splayed with images of thin celebs, pageant queens, and muscular men, clients often feel ashamed to disrobe and reveal their bodies to a stranger to massage and it doesn’t matter because I don’t discriminate. I can’t tell you what any of my client’s bodies looked like because I don’t remember, what I do remember is our conversations and shared stories.

Many people out there are struggling with weight loss, eating disorders, and more, and being a massage therapist, they look towards me to be understanding, especially when they are in a vulnerable position. The great conversations I have with people remind me that we have no place and no right to judge anyone, regardless of their size or looks – we don’t know their stories, what they have been through or the progress they are trying to make. It all comes down to adjusting our thoughts.

Final Thoughts

So as a massage therapist, am I judging your body? No, definitely not. I’m here to massage your body, not measure the size of your stomach or thighs. Each body is an amazing gift and no matter what you feel you look like, it’s all about what’s on the inside that counts. I know I am Justin Shelley and love the way I look, and I do not care what others think about me or my body. I try to inculcate the same feelings in my clients for their bodies. I am just a massage therapist in the world, but I’d like to put my thoughts forward so that you can understand.

If you’ve ever had a massage therapist reject or judge you for your weight, height, or looks, or are reluctant to make an appointment because of your age or shape, then the massage service I provide will give you a safe space that is respectful and without judgment. There is no such thing as a perfect body; we all have our imperfections and that leaves us no place to judge or think of someone in that way if we don’t know their pain, struggles, or haven’t gotten the chance to know them as yet.

If you want to book a massage appointment, don’t get stressed about the way you look. Just give me, Justin Shelley, a call and we’ll take it from there.

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