Frequently Asked Questions about CryoSkin Treatment

CryoSkin technology is trending. Irrespective of age, people are scheduling appointments for the CryoSkin service online and enjoying its benefits. Simply defined, it’s an innovative beauty technology that offers three different targeted treatment types on one platform. The treatment types are CryoSlimming, CryoToning, and CryoFacial.

  • CryoSlimming- Helps in the reduction of body fat
  • CryoToning- Improves skin appearance and texture in various areas of the body
  • CryoFacial- Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the face and neck

Cryoskin technology offers comprehensive treatment, covering almost all the body parts. The best part is that the technology utilizes the application of cold temperatures to achieve the desired results.

Undoubtedly, CryoSkin has helped many people with bodily improvement. But, before the treatment, the same people have lots of questions. And when they don’t receive satisfactory answers to their questions, they become doubtful about the treatment.

In this post, we will discuss common questions asked by people before the treatment.

Am I Eligible for CryoSkin Treatment?

Except for the people who are overweight, everyone is eligible for CryoSkin treatment. It’s because the treatment is not for weight loss. The treatment is for people who have problem areas. For example, if your tummy holds onto fat even if you exercise regularly and eat well and that particular area is bothering you, this is the perfect treatment for you.

Sometimes, experts ask people to take a doctor’s advice before the treatment to ensure everything is safe.

What happens in the CryoSkin treatment?

CryoSkin is a type of massage therapy but has a very different format. It’s a sensation of localized cold. In this, the experts don’t keep the cold pack/machine in the same skin area for too long. So, people don’t feel uncomfortable. They enjoy the cold sensation and get treated peacefully. Some people find CryoSkin to be a relaxing, spa-like experience.

Who performs CryoSkin? 

As already mentioned, CryoSkin is like massage therapy. Therefore, practitioners who have background in massage perform CryoSkin treatment. They know how to approach a body and make the most impactful but meaningful changes. But, make sure the practitioner you connect with is a licensed massage therapist. A license ensures quality service.

If you are in Philadelphia, contact Justin Shelly for CryoSkin treatment. He is a licensed and certified massage therapist.

When can I see the result of the CryoSkin treatment?

There is no such standard time because everybody is different and reacts differently to CryoSKin technology. Some people see results just after the first session, while others have to wait for 2-3 weeks after the actual appointment date. By this time, the body finished expelling the dead fat cells from cryotherapy. Rest, the result of the treatment depends on your diet, lifestyle, and body’s response to CryoSkin.

It’s said that the more sessions you take, the better the result will be.

Is CryoSkin safe for me or should I take some extra precautions?

Other than redness and temporary numbness in the treated area, the CryoSkin treatment is safe for all. These problems are seen only on limited occasions. And there is no need to take extra precautions unless you are suffering from any health issues.

We hope you have got answers to your CryoSkin questions and you will schedule the appointment for CryoSkin service online unhesitatingly.


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