Are You a New Mom? Postpartum Massage Therapy Can Help You To Recover

postpartum massage

You have just brought a new life into this world. You might be busy taking care of your baby. However, your body also needs extra care. Your body has gone through a lot of changes throughout pregnancy and delivery. Thus, it will take time and effort to recover.

Postpartum massage can help in this recovery process. It is a full-body massage that helps to ease motherhood by providing both physical and emotional benefits. If have been through a miscarriage or stillbirth, you can also consider postpartum massage to help your body recover faster.

Benefits of massage for new moms:

Reduced swelling

During pregnancy, body fluids can be increased up to 50%. Thus, many mothers experience body swelling during labor.  Post postpartum massage helps in redistributing the water within the body and boosts the drainage circulation to remove the excess fluids.

Improved milk production

For new moms who are seeking an increase in their breast milk supply, massage is a great way to help. It increases blood circulation and necessary hormones to augment milk production.

Regulate hormones

During postpartum a female body constantly deals with fluctuating hormones. Hormones like estrogen drastically increase during the pregnancy and decrease after the pregnancy. Massage helps to balance the hormones and boost the mood.

Better sleep

Everyone knows that new moms need a good sleep. However, taking care of the baby often abstain from this necessity. Massage can help ease fatigue and provide relaxation, hence providing the quality of sleep.

Pain relief

It is normal to feel aches and sore muscles after childbirth. A postpartum massage can relieve the pain. It focuses more on the areas that are more prone to getting sore like the shoulders, back, and thighs. Massaging the chest also eases the shoulders and relieves breast pain.

Safety considerations

Massage is known to increase blood flow and benefits some health conditions. However, if you are experiencing any of the below-mentioned issues, consult your doctor before scheduling an appointment with a massage therapist.

  • High blood pressure
  • Congenital heart disease, also known as preeclampsia (condition including hypertension, protein in the urine, and swelling in hands, feet, and legs)
  • Recent surgery or injury

How to prepare for massage

There is nothing hectic about preparing for the postpartum massage. You just need to make the environment relaxing. If you are planning to get massage therapy at home, you can light candles or defuse scents and dim overhead lighting.

You should give the charge of your baby to someone else so that you can relax while getting the massage.  Some new moms prefer lighter styles of massage while others enjoy the deeper techniques more. So you can choose accordingly.

In addition to physical touch, many massages include essential oils. They can be included in the lotions or massage oil or diffused into the air. Make sure to consult your doctor before including the essential oils.

We are ending this blog with the hope that it has helped you. If you are a new mom, connect with a Philadelphia massage therapist to know more and get the massage therapy.

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